Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silent Night ... Holy Night

I love it when the snow falls ... especially at night. It makes the whole world just a little more quiet, calm and peaceful. It's almost like Heavenly Father is reminding us that the world can be a pure and holy place ... and that he sent His son to us. It always brings new meaning to the words Silent Night, Holy Night ...

As we begin to celebrate Christmas, I hope we can all internalize those words and pause more often to recognize and create peace around us.

Merry Christmas - Ari and Jeff

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

With a face like this ...

Who wouldn't be in the Christmas spirit?

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Road Trip ... with Two Boys

Jeff and his BFF Kolby decided they really wanted to go see BYU play in the Las Vegas Bowl (although now we know that I use the word "play" loosely). My mom also bought my dad tickets to the game as part of Christmas. So I decided to ride along to do some last minute Christmas shopping with my mom while the rest froze at the game.

When was the last time you spent 12 hours in a car with two boys (both in their late 20s)? I assure you ... if it wasn't recently then you are in for a treat.

First, you must understand that Jeff and Kolby went to school together and they both work in HR. So they have a lot in common. Including their sense of humor.

One of the best moments was when we were headed out of St. George. We'd had 3 hours in the car already and had just eaten some In N Out (yum!). So things started to get silly. I'm in the backseat reading when I overhear them talking ... about being each others' one and only (true BFF - I put this in parenthesis because at first it was just one and only - until they decided they should clarify). So I just sad there listening quietly ... this was too good to pass up. They were being "macho" about it ... but it was quite funny. (and touching ... but I was way more into the funny part). So I text message Kolby's wife, Kristie. And she calls him! They were caught and we were all laughing really, really hard.

After the game we were driving back to St. George to stay at parents' house. Jeff kept making wrong turns (the normal exit was closed). You can imagine the jokes on Jeff after passing a certain Church's chicken for like the third time ...

Then on the way home, we had a Tommy Boy/Karen Carpenter moment. Jeff turned on my Carpenter's CD really loud, they started acting out the part in Tommy Boy (when this same event happens) and roll down the windows singing at the top of their lungs. It was charming. Luckily neither is aspiring to do that for a career. Just after that, I am again reading when I notice a very competitive discussion getting louder and louder in the back seat. An argument? Hardly. They were playing the ALPHABET game simultaneously with I SPY! I wish I were kidding.

Just so you know... they both made it all the way to Z before we made it home. I am so proud.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have gotten tagged a few times ... and have failed to follow through! So here is one ...

8 Things I'm passionate about:
1. Jeff
2. Family
3. The Gospel
4. Reading
5. Traveling
6. Christmas
7. Helping young women (both in my calling and at my job)
8. Being kind

8 Words or Phrases I say too often:
1. Hello, this is Ari (when I answer my work phones)
2. A million things I say to parents about New Haven
3. No, no, no
4. So...
5. Come here, Ellie
6. Ellie no
7. Where's my cell phone?
8. I love you (best phrase ever ... and I don't think it can ever be said too much!)

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Travel more
2. Have a baby
3. Go on a Cruise
4. Work part time
5. Volunteer work
6. Meet a Prophet
7. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what happens
8. Watch my kids get married in the temple and have kids themselves

8 Things I have learned from my past:
1. Friends come and go, but family is here to stay
2. The gospel is the same no matter where you go
3. Heavenly Father understands the pain you are in and can bring peace in any moment
4. Marry your best friend.
5. Attitude is everything, because you can't control everything!
6. Never end a conversation angry and always leave with an I love you
7. Less makeup is better than more
8. Orange is not my color

8 Places I would love to see:
1. Ireland
2. Hawaii
3. Greece
4. Scotland
5. Caribbean
6. Sanibel Island, Florida
7. New York City (again)
8. England (again)

8 things I currently Want or Need:
1. More time (can I put that 8 times over?)
2. Finish up my pre-Christmas to do list
3. Maid
4. Food storage
5. A car that Jeff can drive in the snow that doesn't freak me out
6. A vacation (only 1 more week!)
7. Flat shoes to wear in the snow
8. A massage

8 People I tag to do this:
1. Megan
2. Missy
3. Becca
4. Lisa
5. Cinda
6. Merilee
7. McKenna
8. Stephanie

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SNOW ... and something to make you think...

It finally SNOWED! I was getting concerned that we might not have a white Christmas, but luckily it snowed yesterday! It's so beautiful ... now we just need a little bit more!

The irony of snow however, is this ... Ellie would rather die a thousand deaths that stand in the rain. Heaven forbid she get her feet wet. But she LOVES the snow. I came downstairs and she was standing outside in it with her face turned up to catch the flakes. Then she started burying her face in it! It's hilarious to watch ... good thing she doesn't know it's just really cold rain :)!

The other day Jeff and I were walking around and saw this on a sign:

"Are you part of the Inn crowd, or one of the Stable few."

It gave us pause ... especially at this time of year ... which one describes us? I hope to be part of the Stable few ... and know I often fall short, so that's what I'm working for.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It runs in the family

Jeff and I love Christmas lights. One of my favorite things is just driving around looking at what people put up ... it is a magical and beautiful (and sometimes comical) site.

Last night we were driving around with Ellie. Loving Christmas lights must run in the family ... she loved it! We stopped at one house that had music going with the Christmas lights in sync (nothing compared with the guy who lives next to Lisa's). Ellie couldn't quit looking at the lights as they were flashing ... she was trying to keep up with all the movement. It was pretty funny ... and then as we continued down the street she was looking everywhere.

She might have just liked that the window was down ... but I am convinced she likes the lights :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

Four years ago Jeff asked me on our very first date! We had already been hanging out ... a lot ... but when he asked me out on a date I can't TELL you how excited I was. He took me to temple square to look at the lights. Every year since then Jeff asks me out for this same date ... what a sweet heart huh?! We just went on Saturday ... and it was as beautiful as always (only there wasn't any snow ... weird)! I so love this boy!

One of my very favorite parts is always the grove of trees aroundthe old Tabernacle. We both really loved these two red-orange trees - they really stood out against the orange forest (not that it looks orange in this picture ...)

Temple Square is always one of my favorite places to visit ... but never more so than at this time of year ... with Jeff!

Nothing like Christmas lights to put you in the Christmas spirit!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

One of my many favorite things about Christmas is the decorating! I love to decorate any time of the year, but particularly at Christmas. Nothing is cozier than a living room with a lit Christmas tree ... best place to snuggle!

We decorated on Saturday. We have a new table since last year and I kept thinking "I am going to have to go buy something" to put on that table. What I really wanted was a nativity. No amount of cute snowman decorations makes up for a representation of the real reason for the season (don't get me wrong I LOVE snowmen ... and have a lot of them ... but I wanted a nice nativity).

So part way through the festive decorating Jeff surprised me with the Willow Tree Nativity! What a sweetheart .... I LOVE it! And it goes perfectly on our table!

Naturally we needed something above it ... so I made a sign that says "Wise Men Still Seek Him." I think it made everything complete (and it is way more beautiful in person)! What do you think?

Christmas Tree! I think we need to do some wrapping...

My new sign and my favorite snowmen! My mom always said "if you don't believe ... you don't receive" ... I can assure you We Believe!

Just found this adorable suitcase ... cute!

I love Christmas!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Planning!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know we did! We spent it with my family - for the first time since Jeff and I started dating. Dinner was yummy ... and then we saw Four Christmases. It was really cute and funny!

Now we can officially move on to ... CHRISTMAS!! YAY! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Most everyone knows I love to be organized ... so in the spirit of Christmas organization I made this:

Impressive, I know. I actually stole the idea from a friend. But I think it turned out pretty cute!

So now I am busily planning gift lists, Christmas card lists, party plans, etc.

Let the season ... and the planning, decorating, SHOPPING, wrapping and singing begin!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are Thankful ...

My friend Missy had a great idea ... she is posting something she is thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. I think this is a fantastic idea! With the world being crazy ... and us being busy ... taking time to be grateful is more than important. Since I am starting this a week and a half before Thanksgiving ... we have some thankin' to catch up on! I will try to be brief ...

1. Each other ... makes life complete
2. Our families ... always there ... no matter what
3. Great friends ... keep us laughing
4. The Gospel ... something to keep us centered on what really matters
5. Jobs ... especially in these scary times
6. Our home ... my favorite place ... a total haven
7. Our health ... something I always worry about
8. Temples ... we have so many so close ... and the only place I don't worry about anything else.
9. Ellie ... seriously ... she loves us so much ... and it makes me feel loved!
10. Our callings ... I am especially lucky to work with our wonderful YW
11. Gas prices falling ... I really didn't think this would happen for a long time!
12. Vacation ... I love planning them ... looking forward to them ... going on them!
13. Good books ... I love losing myself in a great one
14. Food ... the homemade kind ... and my favorite restaurants!
15. Cell phones ... silly? nope ... Jeff and I spend a lot of time apart ... this is a connection
16. Snuggling on the couch ... it makes me feel loved and close!
17. Weekends ... I look forward to them so much!
18. Sales ... shopping is a favorite past time ... these make it possible
19. Dark Chocolate and foot rubs... they can make any day better
20. Laughter ... Jeff can always make me laugh ... and I love it
21. Great Music ... when the words tell another person exactly how you feel
22. Date Night ... best part of the week!
23. That Jeff and I started dating 4 years ago today ...
24. Crisp fall days ... the kind that make you forget how hot summer was and how cold winter will be
25. Memories ... that make us smile, or that remind us of how blessed we are
26. Flowers ... I love the way the smell and the happy feeling associated with them...
27. Thanksgiving!
28. Black Friday SHOPPING! ... it's a family tradition ... gets me right into the Christmas spirit
29. A helpful hubby ... he cooks ... he cleans ... and he does LAUNDRY! Amazing...
30. The opportunity to make a thankful list ... it was exactly what I needed this month!

Wow! Is our Thankful-month already almost over?!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

19 Minutes

While in the airport waiting to get on a plane home from Baltimore, I picked up a book. I didn't know if it would be any good, but it was the best they had to offer. It ended up being really riveting.

It's the story of a town where nothing ever happens - until a teenager walks into high school one morning and starts shooting ... killing 10 of his classmates before being stopped. On the surface it looks like a clear cut case (and parts of it are), but it's interesting to see how much more there is behind every story.

The main character was bullied all growing up. Bullied beyond what I could imagine happens right in front of teachers and parents. Justification for taking lives? Never. But there were a few times (one in particular) that brought me to tears. Kids can be so cruel ... for no other reason than someone is a little dorky, or different.

And then there are parents. When his mom heard there was shooting at the high school, she panicked. She had already lost a child in a car accident and was thinking about how she couldn't imaging losing another. Only to find out her son was the one behind it all. Someone loves the killer too...

And then there is a girl involved. His former best friend that blossomed into the popular girl and left him behind. A whole other side to the story.

I don't want to ruin it ... since a few people have said they want to read it. But it was heart wrenching and riveting all at the same time. Especially during his trial.

When I was in high school I lived about 20 minutes away from Columbine High School. I was a junior when the shooting happened. It's so interesting to read this story now, and now I wonder what those parents went through, and the other kids whose lives would never be the same.

I recommend this one a lot.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh My Gosh

We just filled up the Envoy for $39 ... and it was EMPTY!

It's about time ...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lost in the Corn

Halloween was so fun! I love seeing all the costumes. But I can't believe it's already over for another year.

So Jeff mentioned that he hadn't ever been to a corn maze ... weird, I know. So we decided to go to one. The day after Halloween. A little anti-climatic ... but we had a fun time!

We went to Cornbellies up at Thanksgiving Point. The actual maze was pretty lame. It may have been because we could see over more than half of the stalks, or maybe because they give you "clues" that don't actually take you anywhere ... but overall it was kindof dumb. I happened to see the exit when I went to the bathroom, so when we were bored (which took all of 10 min) we just headed that direction ... and voila ... there was the exit!

Everything else was pretty cute. We shot corn cannons ... and bounced on the giant blow-up pillow. SO fun! And then we rode down some slides and on the cow train. I'm pretty sure the cars weren't made for adults considering it was a stretch to get us to fit ... but we rode it anyways.

Overall it was lots of fun. They have a lot of fun stuff - even a gigantic rocker. I am not even sure what the point was ... but naturally we had to get a picture on it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up!

I am a bad blogger! It seems like I haven't taken the time to post lately ... and now I'm overwhelmed with everything to get on here. So I'll summarize (although I'm sure everyone will be VERY disappointed not knowing every detail).

All things Witchy - The last two weekends I have gone to Gardner Village with my favorite witches to do a little early-Halloween celebrating. First, I went with some girls from my ward ... it was very fun. We shopped and chatted. And some of us got very festive and wore hats :)! This is a pic of us that night. Last weekend I went with my mom, aunt, cousin and a couple of family friends. We went for the official "Witches Night Out" festival. It was so fun! But INSANE. We seriously parked a mile and half away. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. The shops were very busy, so it was hard to get any serious shopping done ... but don't worry ... I still found an adorable pair of shoes that I got talked into buying (not that it was hard ...). We forgot to take our camera though ... bummer!

Last night I held a Cookie Lee party for Kim (a friend who is a brand-new consultant). It was really fun, and lots of girls came. I decided to get very creative and Halloween-y and made a pumpkin shaped cake. I can assure you it looked much better on the recipe website. However, everyone thought it was very cute ... so I took a picture for your viewing enjoyment :)!

I'm so excited for Halloween ... and passing out candy! Yay!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Station

This weekend was very fun ... and busy! I'll post pics, etc. later. On Sunday we had the chance to go see my dad speak in church. He read this story - which I have heard a million times growing up (the beauty of moving a lot - you get to recycle stuff for Sacrament talks :)!) but it stood out a lot to Jeff and I this time. So I wanted to share ... hope you enjoy!

The Station
By: Robert Hastings

Tucked away in our subconscious minds is an idyllic vision in which we see ourselves on a long journey that spans an entire continent. We're traveling by train and, from the windows, we drink in the passing scenes of cars on nearby highways, of children waving at crossings, of cattle grazing in distant pastures, of smoke pouring from power plants, of row upon row upon row of cotton and corn and wheat, of flatlands and valleys, of city skylines and village halls.

But uppermost in our conscious minds is our final destination--for at a certain hour and on a given day, our train will finally pull into the Station with bells ringing, flags waving, and bands playing. And once that day comes, so many wonderful dreams will come true. So restlessly, we pace the aisles and count the miles, peering ahead, waiting, waiting, waiting for the Station.

"Yes, when we reach the Station, that will be it!" we promise ourselves. "When we're eighteen. . . win that promotion. . . put the last kid through college. . . buy that 450SL Mercedes-Benz. . . have a nest egg for retirement!" From that day on we will all live happily ever after.

Sooner or later, however, we must realize there is no Station in this life, no one earthly place to arrive at once and for all. The journey is the joy. The Station is an illusion--it constantly outdistances us. Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow's a dream. Yesterday belongs to a history, tomorrow belongs to God. Yesterday's a fading sunset, tomorrow's a faint sunrise. Only today is there light enough to love and live.

So, gently close the door on yesterday and throw the key away. It isn't the burdens of today that drive men mad, but rather the regret over yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who would rob us of today. "Relish the moment" is a good motto, especially when coupled with Psalm 118:24, "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

So stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles. Instead, swim more rivers, climb more mountains, kiss more babies, count more stars. Laugh more and cry less. Go barefoot more often. Eat more ice cream. Ride more merry-go-rounds. Watch more sunsets. Life must be lived as we go along. The Station will come soon enough.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Times ... with Great Friends

This Saturday we had the best of both worlds ... we went shopping and then to a football game! And we did both with great friends.

First we headed to Park City with Kolby, Kristie and their adorable little girl Taylor. We shopped (and found some very fabulous deals I might add) and then we went to Baja Cantina for lunch. It is AMAZING - best Mexican food ever! This is a picture of us right after we finished eating ... see how happy that food made us?

Then we met up with another set of great friends ... Austin and Diana for the BYU Homecoming game! It was SO cold, but not snowing like predicted, so that made us happy. We cheered loud ... and won! (I'm sure as a direct result of us cheering, of course) Then we went out to dinner at Wingers and chatted ... and had some more fun!(and if I look a little chubby you'll know why!) This is us looking very cold ... but with a lot of school spirit :)!

When we got home Jeff decided to hold my new clothes hostage until I cleaned out my closet :)! It worked ... by Sunday night I had gotten rid of a lot ... and my new clothes are now happily hanging in my closet where they belong.

Overall it was a fabulously fun weekend!!

I have also been tagged twice! I hope I get to both this week ... but the last time I didn't ever get around to it ... woops!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New and Improved

We decided that this weekend would be a good time for a project (love those!) ... so we decided to put crown molding in our kitchen to match our living room. My dad and Jeff were super fast and had it up in no time - doesn't it look great?

Monday, September 29, 2008

A lesson in family ...

This weekend we went down to Southern Utah to visit family. We hadn't been down in a while (way too long!) so we had a lot of people to see. We were very busy - but we had so much fun getting to hang out with everyone. Lot's of pictures!

Here are Josh and Merrill - our two football stars. We went to both of their games, and they both did great!

This is Josh, Emily, Gracie and Will ... posing before their adorable primary program. They sang so loud and beautiful! (with the exception of Will ... who is in nursery ... he spent the entire time rolling trucks around and trying to sit on my foot :)!)

Here are the Travis family 5 ... after a Saturday of football and playing in the Kanab pool! Their names all start with an M ... McKenna, Merrill, Madilynn, Marin and Mace :)! I am always so impressed when Merilee (my sister in law) can spout off their names in quick succession without mixing them up!

McKenna (our oldest niece) was singing in church on Sunday, so when we went to Kanab on Saturday, she sang her song for us. It was "I Heard Him Come" - a favorite of mine and Jeff. And McKenna did an amazing job!! She is so talented! Jeff and I love it because I sang it in High School and Jeff's grandpa sang it at his mission farewell ... so needless to say we were so excited to hear it again (we later joked around that Jeff's mission and me singing in high school would have been at the exact same time!)!

This is Dalton and Preston on their playground slide ... Alee didn't want to pose with them, so she got her own pic.

This is us with Grandma and Grandpa Crosby. They are some of the neatest people I know. We are so lucky to have them in our lives - for their example and legacy. They fed us dinner from their garden! We're especially glad we got to spend time with them.

And last, but certainly not least ... this is us ... eating at In n' Out!! My favorite! Don't we look In n' Out satisfied?!

On our way home my mom called and invited us over for dinner! It was SO nice not to have to cook when we got home - it was very thoughtful of them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just 5 more minutes...

I think Ellie takes after me... she is NOT a morning dog. Jeff gets up early ... and we are both still in bed. Then I get up and get ready for work. Ellie is still snuggled down. Finally, when I have to go downstairs to eat breakfast and leave, I normally have to coax her down with me. This is not easy, and occasionally I have to carry her down (if I am in a hurry). Then when we get downstairs she heads strait for her downstairs bed. And promptly falls back asleep. Rough life :)!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

Being married to Jeff makes me very spoiled ... but he outdid himself again ... so I just have to tell you about it! My trip ended much worse than it started thanks to Delta.

Delta delayed our trip by a couple of hours because our plane was coming from an area of high winds, so they decided to fly in a different plane ... from Atlanta! They flew in an empty plane from half way across the country and wonder why their industry isn't doing well. That plane happened to be broken. So they canceled the flight. After 6 hours at the airport we were transported to a super swanky hotel (that was nice :)!), and were supposed to fly out the next day. Shocker ... they delayed that flight and said there were still problems and they didn't know when it would really leave. We got a refund, and flew Frontier home instead :)! Yay for being home!

Jeff didn't even know any of this ... and still surprised me three times when I got home. First I walk in and this adorable purse is waiting for me with a little card! So cute! I am a sucker for fantastic purses ... and this one is definitely fantastic!

When we were still downstairs, I asked if he smelled paint. He acted really innocent ... but my nose doesn't lie. We had been talking about painting up our stairway and the upstairs hallway for a while, but just hadn't yet. Well he painted everywhere! It looks SO much better ... much warmer!

And finally ... after all this I looked around and realized he had cleaned the whole house. The whole thing!!

Nothing makes a trip better than coming home to him without surprises ... but with surprises ... unbelievable :)! I love you Jeff ... you are so sweet!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So I am at a Wilderness Symposium for work ... with Jill (one of our RTs) in Boulder, CO. Can I just say ... there are SO many reasons why we don't really "blend" with the crowd here.

1. We wash our hair regularly. There is a girl here with dreadlocks. The real kind of dreadlocks. The kind that only a razor and some serious grow-out time can fix.
2. We wear shoes in public places. At the networking reception we were both in heels. There were people (as in multiple) that were barefoot. At a conference.
3. We don't recycle everything we touch. There are 4 trash cans in our "waste free" hotel room... so we can recycle. It is overwhelming though because I can't figure out exactly what goes in which can. For example ... where was I supposed to spit out my gum? Compostables? Or landfill (gasp)! Don't get me wrong ... I am all about saving the environment ... but that is a bit extreme ...
4. There is NO water served at the conference. Alcohol, coffee and tea. And not a bottle of water in sight. People in Boulder don't like the waste of bottles of water. But no one who works with troubled youth seems to have a problem getting drunk ... weird.
5. Our "waste free" hotel looks like the rainbow threw up on it (they really embrace different life styles). Where is my camera when I need it? It is super colorful with a "chlorine free" pool and hot tub. But we just got out of the hot tub and we smell weird, and my skin is iching ... never a good sign :)

We are having a fabulously, hilarious time ... we are learning a lot and Jill is a good travel buddy. And we can't help but laughing at everything that is happening ... it is just so surreal. I just had to keep you updated on my exciting traveling life :)!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crazy Week

Last week started with our anniversary ... which was SO fun ... and then everything seemed to go a bit crazy!

Oh Thursday I got a call from my mom saying that James fell and broke his arm on the playground! It broke the forearm in two places and he had to have surgery that night to put metal rods on either side of the bone to keep everything in place. Sad! He was so brave through the whole thing ... and quite chatty when on morphine :)! Now he is home and doing well ... he is impossible to keep down. He swings his healing arm around, and is constantly playing outside with his friends. I guess boys will be boys :)! We forgot our camera ... so no pictures!

Friday night Jeff and I went to an Owlz game. Boy they last for a really, really long time. I think it is because they aren't very good. But it was fun ... and we got to sing during the 7th inning stretch ... which is my favorite part of the game!

On Saturday morning Jeff and I ran a 5K! We set a goal at the beginning of the summer to run one, but hadn't yet. We were "training" really hard, and then about a month ago ... we just stopped. So we were pretty proud that we did as well as what we did considering that. We made it in 32 min. So not stellar ... but nothing to be ashamed of either. It was really fun!! The funny part is who we got beat by ... keep in mind there were several people. But my favorite was a pregnant woman! Now it wasn't like "is she or isn't she pregnant" ... I'm fairly certain that if she wasn't trying to put herself into labor she was a good 8 months along! And at the very end, her slow, but very steady pace caused her to pass us and beat us by a minute or so. Sad ... but very funny :)! She's probably a marathon runner in her non-preggers life. (I tell myself that to make me feel better :)!)

That afternoon we went to the Spanish Fork Kite Festival. They had all these crazy kites and booths set up. This is one of our favorite kites - it is a girl "swimming" being chased by two fish! We got to test drive Seguays. Fun!

That night my parents took us out to dinner for our anniversary to Red Robin! It was fun ... we thought that was so nice of them! Thanks guys - we love you!

And last but not least ... on Monday night we went to see Tamara and Dan and ate dessert with them. It had been a while since we hung out, and we missed them! Tams and I went to school together (met our freshman year) and have some great stories over the years. We lucked out and our hubbies really hit it off too!

To top it all off ... I got tagged 3 times! THREE! I feel ... so popular! So get ready for a really long Tagged blog next time :)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three Fantastic Years!

We just celebrated our three year anniversary! Three years ... wow! It has gone so fast, I can't even believe it. Last year we decided to take turns planning what we would do to celebrate and this year was Jeff's "year." He did such a fantastic job! He made reservations at the Washington School Inn in Park City. If you haven't ever stayed there it is a must. It is so adorable! It was one of the three schools in Park City and was used until 1931. Each of the rooms is named after a former teacher and everything is so old! Even the hot tub is down in the basement area and surrounded by rock. Very cool ... And they have a New York trained chef making breakfast and appetizers in the evenings - both were very yummy. We walked around Main Street and then ate dinner at Ruth's Chris. Their chocolate explosion is the best ... gooey and chocolaty ... my favorite! I love getting all dressed up (and Jeff knows this) so it was really fun that he picked a fancy restaurant. This is a pic of us looking anniversary-fabulous.

Our anniversary seems to bring fall on ... it poured when we were there. So we opened up our windows and listened to the rain! The next morning we took our time getting ready and eating breakfast.

Tuesday was our actual anniversary. I had a dinner to go to for work, so we didn't get to see each other much ... but Jeff was super sweet and had flowers and a card waiting when I got home and then took me out for dessert! I took a pic of my flowers, but the computer is doing something weird and won't load it ... they are beautiful ... red, orang and yellow! Man ... I have a lot to live up to next year when it is my turn!

Looking back though, it has been a pretty amazing three years. I couldn't ask for a better husband ... or best friend. I am really one lucky girl!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 Phones

I own 4 phones. FOUR! That is craziness. When I got the fourth deposited on my desk, I just felt this was too crazy not to share. Do your remember, once upon a time, when your family just had a house phone? If you weren't there, someone left you a message, and there wasn't anything else they could do about it until you got home to check it. Then came those huge car phones. I remember when my dad got one for work. It was so cool.

Now, we don't even have a land line at home. And surprisingly neither do my parents. However, I seem to be extra blessed in the phone category, because as mentioned earlier I have 4 phones people can reach me on day and night. I even have photographic evidence...

These are my two landlines at work. The one on the right is the original phone in my office ... the one where Megan transferred my calls to if someone happened to call me on our main number. The one on the left is the newest addition ... It's going to do something fancy so our entire company can act as if we are all in one office, even though we are across the country. Amazing technology. It will even email me wav files of my messages. Unfortunately the bugs aren't worked out yet. So it keeps telling me I have two messages, but I can't check them. Amazing, since no one has the number except the IT guy who set it up. Always a problem.

Then come my cell phones. My personal cell is on the left. LOVE IT! And I won't ever be able to give it up. I've had the same number since college ... and "in" minutes are a life-saver. I can talk and text Jeff and my whole family as much as I want. Even my grandma has "in" minutes on her cell phone. Who would have ever thought? That communication is priceless! My blackberry and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that I am instantly connected to every call and email ... but it also can be annoying - as you can imagine :)! But I literally live by that thing ... and do more work on it than my laptop (I talk on it a lot for work!) ... and Jeff is constantly trying to beat the Brick-breaker game when we are at home.

So that is my highly-communicative life! Who would have ever thought one phone wasn't enough!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Seven Peaks

So this Saturday we went to Seven Peaks with the fam'. It was really fun! We only went for the last few hours (which is more than plenty of time there) and rode a few of the big slides. Our fave was the Cave In because it was dark and really fast.

We totally didn't like the Lazy River ... which is usually one of my favorite parts. But I have stepped in mountain streams warmer than this thing was! And it was like 2 ft. deep ... so you couldn't really relax in it anyways.

Please keep in mind these are "after" pics. We were on our way to a deliciously greasy dinner at Burger Supreme ... one of my local faves. They have amazing fry sauce. I didn't even know what fry sauce was before I ate there. But it is pretty yummy!

Overall, it was really fun ... and followed by a relaxing Sunday! Great weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Break ... In Salt Lake!

Friends of ours once told us that they sometimes like to go on mini-vacations close to home. So we decided to take one this last weekend! I came home from work on Friday beat after a long (albeit fun) week ... and Jeff surprised me with a hotel booked and plans for Saturday! (We forgot our camera, so you are just going to have to use your imagination and put us in the picture on the left :)!

First we went to the SLC temple and did a session. It was a really neat experience, and the best way to end a long week. The temple is always beautiful ... but I think I am especially partial this time of year, because it's when we got married :)!

Then we went to dinner at Red Rock. It is really good ... if you are ever in the area we recommend it! Afterward we walked around the Gateway and watched the water fountains as it got dark. On a warm summer night I just love watching the water ... it's really relaxing. The Gateway is such a cool place. It feels very urban (except for the fact that everything closes at 10 ...).

Sunday morning we went to Red Butte Gardens - they are so pretty! We have to confess, our favorite garden was the Children's Garden. It is adorable, with all these cute tunnels and water features. We also fed the ducks. We're sure it was actually fish food in the dispenser, but the goldfish were way too slow to get any from the ducks. They were really fat though (maybe why they were so slow?) so we weren't too worried about it. But our favorite spot overall was a swing under the shade of some vines. It was fun just to sit there where it smelled good and watch people.

We went back to our hotel to swim before checking out. We haven't played in a regular pool in ages - I had forgotten how fun it can be :)! You know it's funny ... we did things I wouldn't normally ever think to do, like play in the pool or feed the ducks ... but those are the things that made it relaxing and memorable ... and different.

We had such a great time ... and weirdly enough we felt like we were a world away from home (but in a good way)! We highly recommend it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This one's for MY girls!

So the last few days have been all about me hanging out with my favorite girls! Saturday I went to see Mama Mia with my mom, sister, aunt, cousin and a family friend. We went to Brick Oven and then to the movie. It was so fun!! The movie is adorable ... and I totally recommend it ... as long as you understand they are going to sing a lot. I really only knew two Abba songs going in to it, but still loved it. It is a funny, touching story about love, family relationships and following your dreams ... and it is set in the beautiful Greece (it is on the must visit list!)! We had SO much fun ... I'm glad they are all here to hang out with ... and am grateful for the opportunity to have them all close!

Last night was another fun night! All my college roommates got together. They are such fantastic, fun girls - I have totally missed them! Becca lives in Tennessee with her husband Peter and their little girl Lindsay (more on her later!) and they happened to be in town ... so it was cause for a reunion! We got Cafe Rio take out (yum) and had rich, delicious desserts and sat around for hours talking, reminiscing and laughing.

We covered pretty much every topic ... from old boyfriends to future plans. We have all changed so much, but it is funny how we all just meshed like we did back then as if it were yesterday. And I happen to think we have gotten better with age ... like we have more to give to each other and less to prove.

I certainly can't really tell what was really talked about ... but I will give a brief update on what each lovely lady is doing: Missy and her husband Lance live in Lehi and are expecting their first little girl - yay! She's an amazing teacher ... and I know she'll be an even better mom. Veronica just got home from a mission to Oakland, California a few months ago and now works with missionary visa's for the Church. We always knew she would be saving the world :)! Becca, Peter and Lindsay have left us to live in Tennessee where Peter just finished up Law School (congrats Peter!). They are such a cute family! And Becca has inspired us all with her mom stories and her adorable Lindsay. Lindsay was hilarious! She loved Ellie ... and kept saying "puppy" to get Ellie to play and follow her around. At one point we looked over and she was sitting on the floor in front of Ellie's bowls throwing the food and water up in the air. Ellie just stared, very confused and trying really hard to eat it as fast as it was thrown. It was SO adorable and funny! I seriously almost died laughing. So cute!

Overall it was a late night ... but I wouldn't have minded if it lasted a lot longer! It was really fun ... these girls are good for my soul!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rockin' with Martina!

Jeff surprised me with tickets to the Martina McBride concert last Friday! He is wonderful isn't he?! It was SO, SO much fun!! And it appeared to be our lucky night. We were getting comfortable on our lawn seats when a guy approached us offering up free upgraded seats .... he was Keith Stubbs from the Eagle ... and I totally work with his niece! So after discussing the coincidence Jeff and I happily moved into our new seats.

Martina sang for 2 hours strait! It was amazing, AMAZING! And she is so little ... I just don't know where all that power comes from. She easily has the best voice in country music, and probably one of the best in the world. She basically sang her entire greatest hits album, some of her newer stuff ... and some classic rock. We were on our feet singing (okay, screaming) at the top of our lungs most of the time. I swear every song is my favorite :)!

Thank you, Jeff for being so sweet, and for going and singing with me! I had the best time EVER! Love you :)!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Four random things I like about my husband:

1. He is really, really funny. He can make me laugh so hard!
2. He believes in me more than anyone, and because he does I believe in me.
3. He is super thoughtful and is always trying to make my life easier.
4. He works really, really hard and always gives 110%.

Four jobs I have had:

1. RA
2. Marketing Manager
3. Recruitment Coordinator
4. Admissions and Marketing

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. The Holiday (my all-time favorite)
2. Enchanted (what's not to love about this one?!)
3. The Devil Wears Prada (love the sarcasm)
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (a college fave)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. Friends re-runs ... maybe?
3. Okay I am totally drawing a blank. I really don't watch any TV ... ever ... except for The Office.
4. See #3

Four places I have been:
1. Europe
2. Mexico
3. Canada
4. Several States in the US

Four people who email me regularly:
1. Jeff
2. Everyone I work with :)!
3. Yissel
4. Jennica

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Fruit
2. Ice Cream (hey ... it counts as food!)
3. Cafe Rio
4. Chicken ... we eat it a lot at our house :)!

Four places I would like to visit:
1. Ireland and Scotland ... and England again!
2. Hawaii
3. Greece
4. Canada
I could go on and on ... we LOVE to travel!

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
Planning a big vacation!!
Christmas ... I always look forward to the holidays!
3. Our 3rd anniversary! (Has it been that long?!)
4. My family living near by ... it will be crazy I'm sure!

Four People I tag:
1. Megan
2. Carolyn
3. Whitney
4. Kim

So fun!

Monday, July 28, 2008

For the Fam'

Family reunions are a strange phenomenon to me. I hadn't ever been to one before I met Jeff. Sure, my family got together to hang out ... but our idea of a "reunion" was a major holiday, copious amounts of amazing dessert, lots of shopping and bada-bing you have your self a reunion.

But the whole idea of, celebrating our ancestors, matching t-shirts and carefully planned activities was a new thing to me. We just had his reunion on Saturday at Cherry Hill Water Park. I thought it was pretty fun! It was SUCH a hot day, so being in the water was really nice. Now, I wouldn't recommend Cherry Hill on a regular basis, but for this activity it was great. We got to spend time with his family and hang out with some of our nieces and nephews. We were sad not everyone could come ... but appreciated that it was up our direction :)!

Here is us at the reunion ... please note my cool new suit!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waterfalls, Footloose ... and food storage!

We didn't blog about our latest hike! We had to try out our new hiking shoes ... so off we went on Saturday morning. We decided we must have a thing for waterfalls because this time we hiked up to Timpanogos Falls (I'll admit ... when I am hiking I really like to end up at a destination ... and one that is cool in this heat is unbeatable!). It was beautiful ... beyond beautiful! First you come to a small fall ... it was fine, but nothing spectacular. Then a bit up the trail you come to this.

Amazing huh?! It was a really pretty hike too ... there were wildflowers everywhere! And our hiking shoes were a fantastic purchase - love them! Although, I will confess, I tried very hard not to get them too dirty :)! I'm such a girl...

That night Jeff took me to see Footloose at the Scera Theater. We used to go all the time, but we haven't for a while. I'm so glad we went! It was so fun and they did a great job! I'm not sure if it is watching the play on a blanket outside, drinking milkshakes or just being together ... but it was a fun night!

Now ... moving on to food storage (weird combo, I know)

Last night we went to a couple in our ward's house to learn about food storage. Food storage is something I find totally overwhelming. Jeff and I talk about it ... a lot ... but so far we haven't really done anything about it ... because we just don't know where to start. But the Sloans made it seem simple and doable. They gave a lot of good ideas and it was obvious how much they believe in what they are doing, which made it even better. They even made us all (5 couples total) dinner from their food storage. It was amazing! We ate way too much :)! Now we are totally gun-ho. I really never thought I would ever say that about food storage. But we both feel like it is something that is really important ... and usually promptings are given for us to follow. So we will try to keep you posted as we dive into this new world!

Random post ... but that's what is happening in our world.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love that ...

Jeff was waiting for me when I got to the airport ... the best part of every trip is the hug waiting for me!

He had 2 dozen hot pink roses waiting for me ... so cute!

He just knew that Cafe Rio was the only place I wanted to eat dinner!

I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

(And my luggage arrived with me this time - yay!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Unlucky Boston

So, I am in Boston/Maine for work. Normally I don't mind these trips - aside from missing Jeff it is fun to get to know people in the industry better and see new places. Luck has not been in our favor this time around though ...

First, we took a red eye flight - I thought this would give us more work and less travel time. Bad idea - don't ever do this! Jet Blue's did offer a shut eye kit (mine didn't help me get much shut eye ... but it is a cute concept).

They lost our luggage. Since we were on a red eye I wore sweats. Not conducive to a brunch meeting. So after filing a claim, I made a mad dash to get an outfit. Not cute, but it worked. Please keep in mind this meant I was also not wearing any makeup. Scary! I remedied that the best I could.

Then our GPS didn't work ... and we got very, very lost. Twice. Fortunately this is very common in Boston. So no one thought it was out of the ordinary at all.

We did successfully make it to our hotel in New Hampshire ... where they have an outlet mall right across the street!! Thank goodness! I got a couple of great deals! Nothing like a bit of shopping to put me in good spirits. The front desk ladies are also very nice and helpful. They gave me tons of free toiletries ... which brings me to my next point.

An update on our luggage: It was flown to LONG BEACH. That's right, folks. We flew to Boston ... but it landed on the OPPOSITE side of the country. It will be landing in Boston at 11:30 tonight (supposedly) and they are going to deliver it to us (again ... supposedly). This is why I bought an outfit tonight. Just in case.

I am very hopeful the rest of the trip will go better. And even if not (and my hair looks terrible) I will be wearing an adorable raspberry colored summer sweater :)! And I will have showered ... who could ask for anything more?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Most Amazing 4th EVER!

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend! First off ... we just love long weekends in general ... and to have a reason to have fireworks makes it even better. Here's a play-by-play of our fantastic weekend.

July 4th: We slept in ... for real. We never sleep in anymore - so it felt amazing! Then we made a huge pancake breakfast. Yum!

That afternoon we went shopping with Carla and Maddie (my aunt and cousin). We are so glad they live here now - it is fun to have them around!! We found a couple of good sales (which always makes us happy).

Then Jeff and I went to see "What Happens In Vegas" We were very pleasantly surprised! It was funny and fun. And the quotable lines after are good (always a plus). Our favorite is "If I could kill someone with my mind right now it would be you" It you haven't seen it - it's funny and cute.

That night we BBQ'd (with Carla and Maddie) and then walked around the Freedom Festival booths. And of course watched fireworks!! I love fireworks! Happy Independence Day!

Saturday: We went hiking up Battle Creek Falls. Skip this one. Half of it is a road. I totally don't hike on things my Envoy could cover in seconds. It was short and not super pretty - but it did get us out and about. Then we went and bought HIKING shoes. Yes you read that correctly ... I OWN hiking shoes. Amazing. (I even included a pic to prove it) But we are really in to this hiking thing. And it's something fun we can do together. Jeff's look cool ... but mine are cute. I picked out the two cutest pairs, tried them on and made a decision. Luckily they are comfy too!

To temper the fact that I own such shoes, I went to the spa for a couple of hours. Very, very nice and relaxing. I highly recommend spa-ing ... and fortunately Jeff is very supportive of this pastime.

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Jeff's job! We went to the Harvest at Thanksgiving. Skip that as well. The food was okay, but just okay. And with those types of restaurants we go for the experience as much as the food ... and it was SO not a dining experience. Our waiter was like 12, and there wasn't much ambiance. Then we walked around the free garden ... it was too hot to spend the time to walk around the big gardens ... we'll do that this fall! But they are so pretty!! Then we went out for ice cream!! Yum!

Then I mentioned I need a new swimsuit (for the family reunion coming up). So we went shopping and ran in to Carla and Maddie (shocking to find them at the mall). The sales lady was SO overwhelming. And there is a big emphasis on the SO overwhelming. She picked out this ridiculous looking suit. But I put it on (she was hovering so I felt obligated) and I loved it. But I was having a hard time pulling the trigger. To make a long story short Jeff bought it for me when I wasn't looking (Yes girls ... I do know exactly how lucky I am :)!!)

Sunday we were just lazy after church - love that! And we played some fun games with friends.

What a fun, fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Congratulations to Jeff!!

So as many of you know Jeff started doing an internship the beginning of June, with hopes of it turning into a full time position. We weren't expecting anything to happen for a couple more months because he hasn't been there long ... and the internship was supposed to last until the end of summer at least. This morning they offered Jeff the full time position! We are both SO excited (and I am so proud!)!! This is a great opportunity ... and we feel so blessed!!

Congratulations to Jeff!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

We are SO outdoorsy!

This last weekend we had a lot of fun ... and were very outdoorsy! On Saturday morning we hiked up Stuart Falls in Sundance. It was so much fun! Ellie went with us ... she loves to be our fearless leader. Anyone who says small dogs aren't good in the wilderness are wrong :)! Overall, it's a great hike - so if you are local and looking for a pretty hike that offers a good workout - this is a good one.

We also went up the canyon with some friends that night. We made tin-foil dinners (my first ever) - they ended up being great! It was a fun night with old and new friends.

Fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Smart" Weekend Plans

Last weekend we went to see "Get Smart." It was great! We loved it for many reasons. Just to name a few 1) Steve Carrell is funny, but not over-the-top, or trying-too-hard to be funny. 2) Steve Carrell. 3) It has a great cast (Steve Carrell) and has a fun good guy/bad guy story line. 4) It's quirky ... and we weren't sure if we were going to like it ... but we laughed pretty hard. And last but not least 5) The Rock actually dies in one of his movies - YAY!! If you are looking for a fun, witty movie you might like it too!

Have you seen anything good lately?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not a Vampire Fan

I love to read. It is a huge past time of mine. I love books with great plots ... and great plot twists ... and interesting characters. I love everything from Jane Eyre (my mom just bought me a fantastic hardbound copy) to Harry Potter. So I decided to read the Twilight series because it is all the rage.

I really expected to love them. But I didn't. So if you are a huge Twilight fan ... or if you haven't read them yet and want you you probably shouldn't read any farther.

Twilight was pretty good, but I disliked New Moon and Eclipse a lot. I didn't expect to get in to the story at all. Vampires are NOT my thing. I had a roommate once who thought she was one (don't ask ... it's a long story ... but perhaps as a result I am biased against vampires). I will give the books this - as much as I didn't like them I was still compelled to finish them. So that is my I'm-trying-to-be-positive moment.

By the end I hated Edward and Bella ... It started off that I just didn't like Edward. He is controlling and manipulative. It was his way or no way ... and he was going to destroy himself when she died/or was going to die. Just a fantastic thing for teenagers to get in their heads. My next issues is that he was just too suave. Like a 30 year old seducing a 17 year old. And to top it all off she saw him as being perfect. Gross.

And Bella. Don't even get me started! She is moody and irrational. She has no idea how to have any kind of normal relationship with anyone ... friends, boyfriends, you name it. She is also very manipulative, a liar and played a ton of games ... not to mention how many people she destroyed along the way to getting what she wants. She is obviously highly incapable of making life-altering decisions in her state of mind. Annoying.

Jake ... now I really did like Jake's character. He was like a normal teenage boy with the obvious difference of being a wolf (always a problem ...). But I felt like even if he was trying to get his way he had her best interests at heart and he went about it the same way 17 year olds should. And ultimately he brought out the best in Bella ... which is what a healthy relationship (friendship or otherwise) should do.

Overall, I'm not a fan (just in case you couldn't tell). I think it is great that people enjoy them ... and like I said before ... they are strangely compelling. But overall - I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacationing in Glennwood

Just before Memorial Day weekend we decided we totally needed a vacation. We asked around and some of our fantastic neighbors suggested Glennwood Springs, CO. So with only a few days of planning that's where we headed! It was SO much fun!! We stayed at a little mountain inn/bed and breakfast called the Sunlight Mountain Inn. It was adorable ... and the breakfast was super yummy. There was also NO cell services ... and NO internet. Jeff was delighted ... and I panicked :)! But it was just what we needed.

The first day we hiked up to Hanging Lake. We heard it is an easy 1 mile hike ... so we were thinking "no biggie" we'll just hike up and back and then maybe go on a longer hike later in the afternoon. I even thought the sign at the bottom saying "the end is really steep and make sure you have plenty of water" was comical. The joke was on us :)! It was only a mile up ... but up is a very literal term. We hiked over big rocks and up through a downhill stream. It took us a while :)! But it was worth every step ... the lake and waterfalls at the top were breathtaking!! We spent quite a while up there because it was just so peaceful. But, boy ... does listening to two waterfalls with no water with you make you thirsty :)!! Overall, it was a great experience though because we decided we need to do more hiking (only with water next time)!

Next we went to see Doc Holliday's grave site. Jeff is a HUGE Tombstone fan ... so we simply couldn't be near his grave and not go pay our respects. They don't actually know where in the cemetery he is buried ... but he is in fact there. His final words were "this is funny" because he died of Tuberculosis instead of a gunfight ... and he was an outlaw! Here's to the good Dr.

The next day we went white water rafting. We loved it! We took a half day trip (so 3 1/2 hours). It was pretty cold so we were wearing full wet suits. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of us ... but I assure you never did anyone look as sexy in their wet suites as we did! The water was running really high because of the very snowy winter, so it was really fun. The rapids were mainly class 3. The only bummer was the people assigned to our boat - they were kind-of weird. And they kept their beer held in their life vests during the rapids. I'm not sure why anyone let them be in the front ... isn't there a rule against rafting drunk :)!?

That night we went out for a romantic dinner downtown and walked around. The dinner was great ... and the company even better!!

On our last day there we went up the mountain to their caves. I love tram rides up mountains ... they are so pretty! We discovered we are not really cave people. The tour was fine, but got long and boring (we have short attention spans) and there is only so many rocks we can stare at. But they have high adventure rides up there ... and THOSE were fantastic!! First we went on the Alpine Coaster ... it was a little bit like an alpine slide. But it goes WAY faster ... especially with Jeff controlling the speed :)! We loved it! The other adventure ride we did was called the Swing Shot. It is a giant swing (and I am very serious about the giant part) that pulls you back and then lets you swing out over the edge of a 1300 ft. canyon. Scary!! But so beautiful! And once you get past the initial rush you are too busy looking around to worry about being scared. Amazing!

Overall we had an amazing time ... and realized that we need to get away from home a lot more often! A little R&R goes a long way ... it is amazing!!