Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today Love Was ...

Sometimes love is defined by hearts and flowers. Or by giant heroic acts. And sometimes it is just in the being.

Today love was:

* Waking up early with your wife because she had a Dr. appointment (after going grocery shopping the night before because she hates to ... and staying up late after that to talk!)
* Running downstairs to get her glucose drink and make supportive noises and faces while she gagged it down.
* Got the bambino up and dressed to meet the wife at her Drs. appointment - and wrangle said bambino in the office, just to meet the new Dr.
* Be super excited to hear the baby's heartbeat. 
* Clear a really busy morning schedule to be able to give full attention to the appointment. 
* Act appropriately surprised when you find out how much she has gained so far and say things that indicate she appears so much smaller than that!
* Take her and the bambino out to breakfast ... just as a fun little surprise (and totally make both of their day!)
* Email from work to let her know you just bought the nursery bedding online!! 
* Buy her favorite candy to celebrate that passed glucose test (probably not Dr. approved, but wife-approved is so much more important).

I'm lucky, huh? 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friends, maybe?

I just realized how long it has been since I have blogged! We've been busy, busy around here! I promise some pictures soon - we are getting really close to that point (yay!!). I'm really excited to show you, and really, just to have some of it finished up!

But today, instead, I will give you an update on the rest of our lives. I think (hope) we might eventually fit in up here. Or have friends. Eventually. This afternoon Landon and I were about to head out on some errands. But we heard the kids next door outside. I asked Landon if he wanted to go ask them if they wanted to play instead. They were a little unresponsive (they were very busy "crushing rocks" and I realized they were the ones that were a bit older) so I asked Landon if he just wanted to knock on the door and ask if the younger kids could play. 

He was thrilled! He misses his friends SO much and asks about them all the time (and so do I ... but lets not go down that road, in my preggo state I have a tendency to get weepy). We have a couple of sets of friends up here (lifesavers!), but none in the neighborhood which makes coordinating work schedules and play time difficult sometimes. So I worry that Landon gets lonely sometimes. I figure I do, and I can just call someone if I want to chat, or drive us someplace, so I figured as his mom I need to be the one to change the situation.

So we bravely walked up to the door. Thank goodness he is still little enough to want to hold my hand while we do. I think I needed to hold his little one as much as he needs to hold mine sometimes. And we did it - we knocked on the door. And asked to play. They are SUPER nice (and have been since we met them). They were thrilled to have Landon over. There were a couple of sets of kids over actually and he just blended right in. The mom offered to let him just stay and play. And while she is great, I wasn't quite ready for that yet. She understood that and invited me in to talk. 

And, you know, we actually had some things in common! More than I originally thought. The other mom came to retrieve her kids and it was clear they have been friends longer and are at more of the same stage in life (older and multiple kids, etc.) but she was also really, really nice. And for a moment I felt like I could really belong. I might not have the same situation as before, but that doesn't mean it won't be great in different ways. 

And that I'll have someone to borrow a cup of sugar from. Here's to (hopefully) new friends!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He's growing up too fast ...

I would always hear mom's when I was growing up lamenting about their children growing up too fast. I didn't love baby sitting, so I really didn't understand this - who wouldn't want their kids to grow up fast. You know, so they could be an amazing teenager like myself at the time :).

Now, my heart aches watching Landon growing up so fast. With the move and settling in, it has felt like time is on warp speed and has been since July. Several friends have posted about slowing down and taking more time to really enjoy motherhood. I needed to read each one of those. Because sometimes I get so caught up in the living that I forget to enjoy.

And then I take a step back and realize just how quickly it's all going. So lately I have been trying harder to soak it in. Put aside the things that don't matter as much. I'm far from perfect, but I love every second with him.

Do you know, I cry when Landon grows out of clothes? Not because I have to buy more (Hello! That's the fun part!) but simply because he is that much bigger. And I see him every day, so I feel like I almost don't notice until his t-shirts start looking too short...

We can have real conversations now. And they are so funny! I just never know what he'll come up with. One of my favorite things is when he says "come play with me, mama!" It's so stinking cute! And I dread the day he doesn't care to play with just Jeff and I.

Landon also makes it a habit at the dinner table of asking us how our day was. Seriously. It is the cutest and funniest thing ever!

Tonight he was in the bath and I changed into my sweats. You know the type - they are reserved for 6+ months of pregnancy or really long days? And do you know what he said to me? Mama - you look beautiful! Sweetest thing ever.And you know what? Coming from him, I chose to believe it. I will do anything to be beautiful in his eyes, and heaven forbid I destroy what he thinks.

He is really in to "reading" to us now. He has a book called "Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You." It is a pretty long book, but he has a lot of it memorized. It starts out,

"I wanted you more
than you ever will know,
so I sent love to follow
wherever you go"

It goes on to tell all the places that love can follow, and all the adventures the little one can take because love will always find him. He got to a certain page and I just started crying that he could repeat so much of it, and I just was just praying he was internalizing the message - that he understood it was true.

"And if someday you're lonely
or someday you're sad,
or you strike out at baseball,
or think you've been bad...
just lift up your face, feel the wind in your hair.
That's me, my sweet baby, my love is right there."

How I hope he knows how much I love him! I can't get enough of him snuggling up to me, or just leaning in to me. And it seems unreal that we will be blessed with two boys to love soon. Two! Sometimes I just pray my heart can hold it all and not burst! I'll take my chances ...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Updates and Anecdotes

I keep waiting for life to "slow down a bit" so I can catch up, blog, rest, etc. And I finally decided, it just isn't going to. Ever. So here are a few things to catch you up on us.

* We are starting to really "settle in." It finally hit me how soon the holidays will be upon us and how soon after that a new baby will join our family. Nothing says "motivation" quite like that. 
* I love surprises! The other day Jeff saw a deals email come through with the most charming bench in it. We decided not to buy it, only to have me spend the next few days lamenting the fact that we didn't ... and how perfect it would look in our kitchen. Last Friday a package showed up on our doorstep ... MY BENCH! My sweet and sneaky husband had already purchased it to surprise me. Can I say again that I love surprises? Especially ones that fun (and that look that perfect in our house!!) Love him. And this bench!
I stole these pillows from another area of the house - so picture different ones...

* We finally started decorating. And shopping for all the things that will make this new home ours! I felt like we made a huge dent this weekend ... only to look around and feel like it really just opened up a huge can of worms that needs to get finished. But I'm loving how it is coming together ... and loving changing up the style a bit. 
Anyone else loving this guy?
Just a little living room corner that is starting to shape up ...

* I think I also have a vision for Landon's "big boy" room ... however, I have been asked twice what my plan is for the nursery. And I DON'T HAVE ONE! AH!! So if you have any adorable ideas (that work with a brown nursery chair) please pass them my way. Part of the problem is having the whole rest of the house to decorate. And part of the problem is that I am really picky (I actually have spent a lot of time looking).

* Landon is now two and a half. Which has brought with it a new form of "terrible twos." Every couple of months he has tried the tantrum thing. They are brief and generally don't get much attention, therefore they haven't lasted long. This time, however, they seem to want to take up more permanent residence (let's hope I'm mistaken). And he is getting more dramatic with his flailing. It's pretty awesome. This too shall pass right? 

* The other side of that is that at other times Landon is the sweetest most adorable child on the planet. Tonight I got stopped twice and told how adorable he is and asked if he is always so polite and good. Blessings!! 

* His vocabulary has exploded over the last month or so - and so has his sense of humor! He totally cracks us up!  He uses all sorts of phrases he hears us use like "bummer" or "hey mister!" The other day he said:
L: "mom, is the baby kicking you tummy?"
M: "yes, he is"
L: "he needs to go to time-out"

* This weekend I finally felt it - PREGNANT! Life has been so busy I haven't really let myself take it easy - the show must go on. But I think this weekend I finally did myself in.  Friday and Saturday we were up until 1 am. Saturday we took a long, fast work-out walk, then after Landon's nap went decoration shopping for 4 hours or so. The Sunday I subbed in nursery. And by the time I got home I deposited myself on the couch while Jeff made dinner. Then I rallied enough to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (my fave ...). And then ate three (THREE!) of them. Yep, pregnant for sure.  

* In other pregnancy news - I switched doctors. Again. This is the THIRD doctor this pregnancy! I found out after switching to one up here that our insurance has a preferred hospital. So we will pay half of what we would have by delivering at Timpanogos as opposed to American Fork. (Didn't have to tell us twice!) Unfortunately I picked a great Dr., just one that only delivered at AF. I really like the newest Dr. though, so I'm feeling good about it all. He sat in the room at my first appointment with me and just talked about everything - as if he had all day to learn about me and this baby. I get it - he's a busy Dr., so the fact that he did that made me feel good about it all.   

* One of our kitty friends has been scarce as of late. So either Landon finally "charmed" it into staying away ... or it's owners decided to keep better tabs on it! Either way ... I'm not complaining!

* On Saturday Jeff mowed the lawn (with Landon's help of course!). After he turned on the sprinklers. Which, Landon thinks is a built in splash pad (love that about kids!). He played in the front for a while while we chatted with a neighbor. Then Jeff turned them off, and we changed him into dry clothes for our walk. We kept chatting... all of a sudden we realized we hadn't seen Landon for a few minutes. He snuck in the back yard, where the sprinklers were still going and got soaked all over again :)! It was so funny and he was SO pleased with himself!

Whew! That's probably more than you wanted or needed to know about us for now ... stayed tuned!