Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Pirates

My aunt just had these cutest little hats made for the boys ... complete with skulls on them. Landon thinks anything with skulls symbolize pirates. So you can imagine his excitement when his pirate hat arrived in the mail. They are so adorable I just have to share...

Binkis are SUPER tough...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Club

Just about three years ago I was about to have a baby ... and decided I needed a hobby (clearly I had never had children before if I thought that even having one and working part-time I might get bored). So I started a book club. I love to read. LOVE to read - it's really the only thing I do that could be considered a hobby. I had a handful of women I was friends or acquaintances who lived locally, and we invited a few girls I didn't know well.

We started meeting monthly and little by little our friendships started growing. And I realized that in so many ways that before them I really didn't know what having strong women for friends really meant. This isn't meant to offend my high school and college friends - they are amazing too - and we went through a lot together. But these women? They have taught me so many things, and continue to each time I am around them (which, we might still only meet monthly, but I talk to and see most of them regularly).  

And with the exception of only one other friend who isn't a book clubber (she don't like to read. Seriously - that isn't a joke), and my family, these women are my closest friends and confidants. They are the people I trust with anything and everything (well, as much of everything that I share).

They have taught me, and remind me frequently that I am strong. And capable. That I can do hard things. 

They have taught me about motherhood. And when I was freaking out about having two kids, they were where I turned. They gave food, comfort, chocolate, a baby shower, and have made me laugh. And they check in with me all the time - sometimes we need the reminder that we are not alone. Because lets be honest - being a mom is different that being a dad, so somethings only other moms understand.

They love my children. And are the people I trust with my children (and I assure you, my trust isn't easily won). 

They helped Jeff throw me a 30th birthday party.

They have exchanged recipes, ideas and some pretty funny (and possibly risque) stories.

They have challenged me and encouraged me to read things other than what I normally would. And taught me the difference between Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Neither of which I had ever read before (with the exception of Harry Potter). 

There are so many more things ... but ultimately they know me and still love me. For who I am.

Last night we had book club... three years later most of our core group is still meeting every month. And as I sat there looking around the room I couldn't help but think about what each of those women (and the few that couldn't make it) mean to me now. As Jeff put it "book club is sacred" ... couldn't have said it better myself. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day from our two favorite love-bugs!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Love

We had Liam's newborn pictures taken last Friday ... here are just a few of the adorable photos that captured our sweet boy.
And he had his two week checkup! He's a growing boy (which, if you saw how much he eats, you would not be surprised!!).

Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz. (50%)**
Length: 21.5 inches (50%)
Head: 36 cm (25%)

Oh how we love him!!

**This is exactly how much Landon weighed at his 2 week check up as well!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Gems

I was under the impression that while Jeff, my dad and brother watched the Superbowl that I would have to keep Landon busy and entertained. Boy was I wrong! He was THRILLED by it!

First, he wore his "football" shirt (it's really from Gap, but it does say 'football' on it with a picture of one) and insisted that the rest of us wear "football" clothes also. Including Liam, whose "football shoes" that Landon picked out were WAY too big on him, but he dutifully wore them :)!

He kept yelling "Go Cougars!" and coming to tell me that the Cougars were winning! Clearly he didn't know who was actually playing, but we thought it was too cute to correct. Plus, he was convinced his team was winning and what guy doesn't want that on Superbowl Sunday?! (For the record we - and by we I mean Jeff and the rest of the guys in my family - were rooting for the 49ers)

I got the biggest kick out of hearing him cheer loudly every time the big "boys" cheered.

Landon ate brats, chips and drank soda like a real man (please don't judge!) :)! After he informed me he hadn't eaten dinner ... despite the fact that I think he visited the food table as often as Jeff did.

I only watched the halftime show. During which Landon was GLUED to the screen. We're talking inches from it while Beyonce did her (strip) show. Apparently he thought all that leather, lace and hair flipping was quite amazing :). I'm told he did the same thing during any commercial involving a girl. Oh dear ... as a mom I'm voting for a more bland show in the future... think Josh Groban ... especially when my boys hit their teenage years. (Although admittedly I thought it was pretty hilarious yesterday).

Hope you had a fun time watching the game!