Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tiny Hand

The magnitude of this new role is still sometimes just hits me out of the blue.

This morning I was down on the floor playing with Landon when he reached out his tiny, drool-covered hand and put it on my cheek ... then he grinned up at me.

I started to cry.

Who is this incredible, little person who has stolen our hearts so effortlessly? Any why are we so lucky to have him?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blonde Moment

I think all the hair color is going to my brain. Yesterday Landon and I went to my parent's house to say goodbye before they leave on vacation. Naturally, Ellie came too ... she feels very strongly about Grandma and James in particular. After a while I load Landon back up and we head home. I suddenly realize when I am almost into our neighborhood that I FORGOT ELLIE!

So I sigh, circle through the neighborhood and start heading back up the road. Well we're about 80% of the way back when I happen to glance at the back seat out of the corner of my eye ... and who is looking out the window ... ELLIE! She had been there the whole time.

When I pulled over to turn the car back around I just had to sit there for a minute to laugh I felt like such an idiot!!

But it was pretty funny :)!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 Months

This guy:

Is officially 4 months.

And now for the news you have all been waiting for ...

He is 17.13 lbs.!!! That is in the 90 percentile folks :)!

He is 25 inches long and his height and head size are in the 50 percentile. You know, average ... unlike that first stat.

I asked the Dr. about solid foods, since Landon is always staring and reaching for ours. He said we are welcome to start him on veggies (which I was expecting), but then I asked about rice cereal. He said "nope, it has a lot of calories, and he just doesn't really need that." Ha ha ha ...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Lessons

1. If you and your baby are both dressed in really cute outfits for the day baby simply can NOT resist spitting up on them ... 5 minutes before you are supposed to be out the door. (And by spitting up I mean so it was so bad we BOTH had to change)

2. That it is going to be hard to leave Landon on every Monday morning.

3. That a sweet email from the hubby can make a Monday seem like a good thing :)

4. You should fill out the baby aptitude test the pediatrician sends out on the day of the appointment. I marked down (2 days ago mind you) that Landon doesn't squeal. What did he do this morning while I was getting ready? Squealed. At his own reflection of course!

5. When the power goes out in Spanish Fork, it doesn't go out all over. Apparently it picks and chooses where to not be on. For example: Macey's and Big-O both had power ... JoAnn Fabrics did not have power (and was therefore closed), which just goes to show I should abandon going to fabric stores forever :)

6. Macey's 1-Hour-Photo turns into 2-Hour-Photo on busy Monday afternoons.

7. No working stoplights in a town actually makes all drivers not super stellar ... and really bad drivers suck. Within 5 minutes I witnessed 4 almost-accidents.

8. July in Utah feels like June in Arizona. So hot there is no relief.

9. Ice cream cones are the perfect end to a yummy summer bbq ... especially with good friends.

10. There is nothing like your baby's laughter to brighten your day :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation in Canada

We had such a great time in Canada! It was relaxing and low-key - just what we were looking for. We were so nervous about Landon flying for the first time, but he did great! First we flew to Seattle where Matt and Yissel met us. We spent the night at Matt's parent's house and the headed to Victoria the next morning.

Here we are getting ready to take off!
We took the walk-on ferry. First off ... we make quite the sight lugging our bags, a stroller and a baby ... I pack way to much (more on that later)! And second ... Jeff and small boats don't totally agree with each other. This was pre-motion sickness setting in. I think we might have actually still been docked :).
We made it to Victoria to find beautiful weather! It was sunny and clear the whole time, which was so nice! We were planning on it being a bit cooler, but we should know better ... we seem to take a heat wave with us wherever we go!

We stayed at a nice condo with a great view of the water ... and bonus(!) a private hot tub. LOVED IT! We have decided that a condo where Landon can take a nap and we can still hang out is definitely the way to travel. The hot tub was just the icing on the cake :).

We did a ton of walking around their beautiful downtown. We made sure to hit the hot spots - the waterfront, The Empress Hotel, the shopping district, Beacon Hill Park and the Craigdarroch Castle.

The Empress:
Landon was a trooper! He was in his stroller and baby Bjorn a TON and still was content and chill.

(Those are hydrangeas ... amazing. We have a hydrangea plant. It looks nothing like this.) (He's in the jacket ... we promise)

Cragdarroch Castle:
We also went to China town. I was so excited because I hadn't ever been to one before. It wasn't super fantastic, but Yissel and I sporting these fabulous hats proves we were there:
At Beacon Hill Park they have a petting zoo. I didn't think Landon would care ... but this picture proves that turkeys can fascinate children of all ages.
Apparently the goats didn't hold the same appeal for him:
Us at Beacon Hill Park in one of their seriously big trees.
Victoria is known for their beautiful flowers. I should probably create a whole post just to show you pictures. Here is one though ... so beautiful!
Landon almost got eaten by the stuffed wildlife... but don't worry... we saved him :)
When we headed back to Seattle, we had to go through customs. I'm not sure if I look suspicious with Landon in the baby Bjorn and lugging a suitcase or what, but the custom's officer asked me what kinds of souvenirs we purchased. I assure you, we really aren't souvenir people, so they were pretty mundane (although Landon did get a very exciting ABCs book). So then he looked a bit more suspicious and said "Then why do you have so much luggage?" REALLY?! Um, because we have a 3 month old that requires a lot of diapers, formula, clothes to puke on ... and I am a serial over-packer. It's a big problem of mine. Fortunately he decided that answer was sufficient ... I hate it when they want to look through my bags. Doesn't it always figure they will open the section with underwear in it? Or worse ... dirty clothes!

Before we went to the airport Matt showed us around the cute little town he grew up in. I think the entire Pacific Northwest is just beautiful - I love the green. I don't think I could ever deal with the overcast skies but the green is so beautiful!

Here is the whole clan back at Matt's parent's home:
On our way home we got upgraded to first class! Landon loved it. More room to sprawl! I was nervous having him there just in case he cried. But he loved it ... and the stewardess LOVED him!

We had a great time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back...

I'm back ... not just from vacation (although we are back from that also; I will blog about it soon!) ... I am back at work today. So far I have only cried twice (don't worry, I wasn't actually at work yet). Everyone has been so sweet and welcoming to me - apparently people miss you when you are gone for 4 months. And I know Landon is in good hands. He just isn't in my hands, so that makes me sad. And I miss his face.

Can you blame me?
I'm excited to be back, but it is a catch 22. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're Off!

The three of us ...
Are headed here ...
For the next week!! We're excited (but a little nervous about the flight!!). We promise to have fun and take lots of pictures!! See you soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Random Thought

There is a sign when you come off the Highway 6 exit into Spanish Fork ... it has ATTENTION written in large letters ... and then a large amount of small writing below it. Is what it says important? If so, WHY would they make the writing so small? Because I'm pretty sure I am too focused on driving on the off ramp they have conveniently made smaller to read it ... weird.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

We're expecting a call from GQ any day now...
His "I can be sexy and serious face" ... a must in the modeling world you know.