Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day Away

This last weekend friends of ours had a condo up in Park City. They invited us up to play for the day and spend the night! I don't think I have to share again how much we love Park City ... and this place was beautiful! First we started out shopping. We learned something very important ... Landon doesn't like to shop. WHAT?! I mean ... whose child is this? I had told Jeff that I suspected this might be the case. I'm not sure if he believed me. But sure enough we wheeled the stroller into a store ... unhappy Landon ... we wheeled the stroller back out ... happy Landon.

(As a follow up to this I took Landon to K-Mart on Monday ... and once again ... when he realized where we were I had an unhappy Landon. One of the employees who was helping me find something said "wow, he is really unhappy" THANK YOU Captain Obvious. But I wasn't leaving until I had everything I came for. Landon calmed down when he realized we weren't leaving for a while.)

Back to Park City ... then we went swimming. Megan and Jake were there with Kaylee too - it was so fun to see them! Kaylee is getting so big! Then we all had a big taquito dinner - it was delicious :)!
Later that night we played Nerts (which, let me just tell you, goldfish have more skill at this game than I do) and watched Valentine's Day (cute!).

We had a great time ... but I forgot to take pictures. However, Jeff worked from home so we had some extra play time with him last night and I busted out the camera:

Look at that belly!!Today, my immensely talented friend Tamara and I hung out. While I was at her house she finished the car seat cover I started so long ago :)! I would love to say I helped, but I didn't ... not one bit. I held Landon and talked to her and she did all the work. However, I believe that is why it turned out so adorable!! So thank you Tamara!!

The outside:
Landon modeling the inside:

Friday, June 25, 2010

One of Those Days

Do you ever have "one of those days?" You know the type ... maybe things go wrong, maybe it's just a long day, or maybe weird things happen to you. Wednesdays are like that for me. Now, don't get me wrong ... it isn't every Wednesday ... as a general rule Wednesday is a fine day. But if I have "one of those days" during my week it is inevitably on a Wednesday.

This one was no exception.

The day in general was pretty long, boring and ho-hum in general. Nothing too exciting went on. That evening Jeff fed Landon his 6 pm bottle. After he finished I sat him on my lap and started chatting with him. Then he puked. I'm not talking little baby spit up that is quickly taken care of with a burp cloth. Nope. He gave me back a sizable portion of his bottle ... down my shirt. It must have taken considerable aim to get it down there underneath all my layers. He was very pleased with the outcome.

Here is our culprit. Do not be fooled by the innocent look. He is guilty as charged:
It's a good thing he is so cute huh?!

After I washed all that off me and changed everything from my waist up (like I said ... thorough job) we went for a little walk. We were just walking along and talking when ... a BIRD POOPED ON MY ARM. Seriously?! Seriously. That is some fantastic aim. Although to the bird's credit he probably wasn't trying to ... then again ... maybe he was. I didn't get a picture of him to really be able to assess his guilt. But rest assured it happened.

I thought Jeff was going to die laughing. Once I wiped it off I started laughing too ... and then we finished our walk.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A weekend review ... and big news!!

We had a busy and fun weekend! Friday night we finished up the Parade of Homes. It was so fun ... the last house we saw looked like a castle. I'm really not kidding. There were two sets of armor outside the master bedroom and everything ... you know ... just in case Highland, Utah ever comes under siege. There was also a theater, dance studio and indoor swimming pool. It was pretty amazing, and so fun to look at! I wish we would have gotten a picture of it.

Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for a good friend. The theme was relaxation (who doesn't need to relax before a newborn joins the family?!) and I think everyone had a good time! We made homemade face masks and body scrub. To protect the innocent I won't post pictures of my friends with facemasks on :)! However ... the momma-to-be, Carolyn is welcome to ... I figure you get extra privileges when you are 38 weeks preggo.

Saturday night we got to see my cousin, Thatcher who was up here to run the Ragnar. And he got to meet Landon for the first time! We went out to dinner and then did a little shopping ... which I LOVE!

Sunday was Father's Day! It was so fun to get to celebrate my dad AND Jeff both this year!! We made Jeff breakfast (let me tell you ... Landon is SO helpful when cooking), and gave him a golf log book and a coupon to the driving range. Landon is very excited to start his golfing career :)! That night we went to my parent's house and grilled steaks. Okay, they actually grilled their own steaks while my mom and I made everything else. It was a fun, relaxing night ... and I hope they both know how much they are loved!

Landon and Daddy!!
Landon thought both Grandpa and Grandma were hilarious!
And in other big news in the Terry house this week ... Landon rolled over for the first time!! Tuesday Landon was hanging out on his tummy. I could tell he was close to rolling so I showed him how then put him back on his stomach ... and he proceeded to roll two times in a row! Now he hasn't done it since ... but I am certain he'll be a rolling machine soon!

Here he is in the "I'm thinking about it" position:
And in other big news (who knew our lives were so exciting?!) Ellie got a haircut ... like really cut! The whole fam now looks summer-y.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Three Months

Three months ago today we met Landon for the first time! I can't believe how long ago that seems now, and yet how fast the last three months have gone. When we brought him home a couple of days later I was already lamenting how quickly time was going :)! Here he is that day ... so tiny and sweet!!!
Last week we had a BBQ to attend. It was cold and rainy, but Landon doesn't have any cold-weather clothes in this size (it is JUNE after all). So I grabbed that same outfit and put it on him. Boy it was a squeeze!! But it still goes to show how big it was on him that first time he wore it ... and how quickly he has grown!
He has so much personality and is just so fun! My favorite thing to do is just to talk to him. We have very interesting and entertaining conversations :)! He loves to sing together and has the cutest smile! We're so lucky to have him in our family!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Shout Out

Since having Landon I could give a million shout outs to people who have helped us in so many ways! I have never felt so loved!! But today's special shout out goes to my Mom ...

She is always so willing to watch Landon - it is so helpful! For example: this week is pretty busy, and I needed to run some errands. She came to the rescue and kept him for a couple of hours yesterday during which time I made it to FIVE places! That is unheard of with a baby! Particularly since one of those places was Wal-Mart, which I swear sucks an hour of your day even if you only need 5 things.

This is just one tiny example on the scale of many, many things she does! It's so helpful, and Landon has such a good time. He is fussed over and adored and gets loved on the whole time!

So thank you Mom!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bed Time

Last night Landon was getting ready for bed and Jeff handed him a bear my parents got him. He immediately grabbed on to it! It was so cute ... it was like he was snuggling with it ... but really we're pretty sure he was trying to eat the bear's blanket :)! I'm telling you ... nothing is safe when he is hungry! But we did get a picture because it was so cute.

He does really love stuffed animals, particularly those that play music. He has two and when you make the music start he just grins ... so cute!
Then here he is in his jammies ... please notice that his hand replaced the bear in his mouth. It's a good thing he is SO chubby ... otherwise people might question if we feed him because of his constant declarations of being so hungry!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Moment

This afternoon I was having a moment ... or several moments strung together in one big, long frustrating moment! It started when we decided to go to the pool with the rest of the neighborhood. I didn't realize what a major production getting ready to go would be. Finally we were both sunscreened to the hilt, dressed in our swim gear and had the bag packed. Then Landon decided that he absolutely MUST have a bottle at that second or he would probably starve to death. Anyone who has seen him knows this is an impossibility :) but I dare you to try telling him that. So he ate.

Then we had to go to KMart (blah) to try to find some swim diaper cover up. Apparently you need them in public pools around here. Fortunately Kristie told me because I had no idea. KMart didn't carry them - shocker - so I decided just to pay for one at the pool. I don't know why I would have had to ... Landon fell asleep and showed absolutely no interest in this adventure.

We arrive at the pool only to find out that everyone thought the water was chilly and it was windy out ... so they didn't plan to stay much longer (we were an hour late). So we turned around ... after that monumental effort and went home.

I'm not certain at what point I became totally frustrated, or very done with the day. It could have been Landon's meltdown, or hauling the car seat into KMart only to discover it was a wasted trip, or the fact that no one at KMart knows what they do and don't carry, or perhaps just the sheer effort to do something simple (sometimes that still amazes me), or perhaps when I realized the afternoon was getting long and Jeff would be gone this evening as well. But I was having a moment.

When we got home Landon was still sleeping, so I took a very hot shower (I was still covered in all that sunscreen), and while in there ... and fighting back tears I will admit ... I just thought "wow I am being really silly, I have so incredibly much to be thankful for and this is really dumb" (at least I could tell I was being dumb ... that is not always the case ... just ask Jeff). So I made myself start listing my blessings.

Then I gave Landon a bath ... because when I say I covered him in sunscreen I mean I REALLY covered him. And as I was lamenting to him about being sorry for being so dumb he just grinned up at me. I just melted. How silly could I be? Here is this beautiful baby ... and he is smiling at ME like I hung the moon. And then my frustration seemed even sillier.

Then I went downstairs. I reached in my bag for my phone ... to discover that a bottle full of water had leaked everywhere and my phone was taking a bath. BAH!

Surprisingly as upsetting as discovering that is I didn't totally freak out. I had somewhat learned my lesson at this point. I did get a hold of Jeff and tell him how I was feeling (poor thing) but then I was over it. It's just a phone after all ... and it can be fixed. And water dries off the rest.

So I went back to playing with him:
Because who can have a bad day when you see that?

Thank you for listening to my moment ...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Parade of Homes

When I was little my parents would take me to the Parade of Homes. We loved it! It seemed so magical - I remember one house in particular (I must have been 5 or 6ish) and there was a whole ROOM full of beautiful dolls. To a little girl that seemed like the coolest thing possible. I have wanted to go since Jeff and I got married, but each year something managed to come up and we just never made it. So this year when Jacqueline said how much they wanted to go we jumped at the chance to join them. It just started on Friday and we went to 5 homes yesterday (we figured we needed to get started early to really see several ... and get our money's worth).

It has been really fun so far. I didn't realize they have homes participate of all sizes. Yesterday we saw a townhouse (a tiny bit fancier than the one we live in :)!), a couple of smaller homes, a twin home that re-defined what twin home could be (wow!), and a huge, gorgeous home that was almost too beautiful to really be true. Personally we really love the huge ones ... you know the kind ... where you drive up and it just takes your breath away. I'm sure we love them for the same reasons why my parents went so many years ago ... to dream about the future. Although for some of those homes the future would need to include winning the lottery ... but hey ... no reason not to dream big :)!

It has been fun to go with Jacqueline and Scott also. They, like us, love to look at houses in general so we have good discussions about what we liked, didn't like, etc. We are excited to look at more over the few weeks. And if you are interested at all, I encourage you to go - it is a really fun experience.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catch up!

I've been a blog-slacker this last week! So to catch you up ...

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. It was pretty low-key. Jeff and Landon both had colds (our first with the little guy!). Saturday we BBQ'd with some friends, Sunday we hung out with the fam and Monday we ventured out for some errands and to catch Robin Hood. So pretty chill overall. I'll share some pictures, though since I know that is what people are reading for :)

Great Grandma Karmen bought him these jammies and the matching shirt ... so cute :) Who can resist a baby in jammies?
The room was really dark in this picture, but Landon and Jeff were taking a nap together to sleep off their colds ... and I thought it was so cute the way he was snuggled up on Jeff. Those two just kill me together.
Landon knows Grandpa is a big believer in Sunday afternoon naps ... check out that belly sticking out!
Landon was about to have a fit ... but then Grandma fixed it and made everything better (I love how he is holding on to her hands to make sure the binki was staying in)! Can you resist that lip?!
Here he is just sporting the plaid ... so hot right now :)
Landon got some new toys this weekend! A family friend is out of the baby-stage and gave us some things at a STEAL! This is the floor-mat ... which Landon just adores! We also got the same swing that we have been borrowing ... so we know it will be a hit. And a jumper-roo. He's a bit young for it ... but I know he will love it! Here he is under that mat ... did I mention that he LOVES it?!
A couple of close-ups ... how did he get so cute?!