Monday, October 6, 2014

A few lessons ...

Do you remember in the 90's those posters titled "All I Need to Know about Life I Learned in Kindergarten"? There were a few variations, but that's one that I remember being hung on the wall in one of my high school classrooms (why, I'm not sure). Lately, I've had a few little lessons about life I don't want to forget and wanted to jot them down somewhere, although admittedly, they probably wouldn't make a super cute poster.

Leaving Preschool last week Landon had a car in his bag that I didn't remember if it was ours or not. He was SO SURE it was. We have approximately enough to fill a bathtub, so I genuinely didn't know. Not wanting him to take something home that wasn't his I kept asking if he was sure. Finally, (still not convinced) we decided to ask his teacher. She assured me that it was his, and that ultimately, if he really knew it was that I should believe him. It might seem simple, because as a parent I always believe in him. But do I believe him? That matters to him now, and it will matter a lot more later. I hope I always can believe him, but ultimately it won't matter if he doesn't know that I will.

This morning on the way to preschool pickup I turned on the radio. Liam started hollering "NO!!!" from the back seat. How on earth are they so opinionated about the music so young?! Then he started saying "Temple, Temple!" He wanted to listen to "I love to see the Temple" on the Primary CD. Well, I certainly can't argue with that. As soon as I turned it on he quieted down to listen. I'm grateful for the lesson that the songs playing in the car matter, and that testimonies begin being built at birth. 

We went to the Blake Shelton concert last weekend and the Jim Gaffigan show this weekend ... and had so. much. FUN!  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the everyday and forget to have fun together, just the two of us. But doing things like that - and finding new things we love together - makes us stronger. And I want my boys to see that mommy and daddy like hanging out together.

I attempted making home made cinnamon rolls this morning. I've never tried before ... I'm a little terrified to make things that are supposed to rise (if you knew my failed history at this you'd understand). But I thought Conference weekend deserved homemade cinnamon rolls. And they turned out AMAZING. Sometimes you just have to try something new ... 

I love listening to General Conference. I feel like I actually get more out of reading them later with Jeff, but listening to them actually speak is wonderful and strengthens me also. This last weekend there was a talk that included a strong message about prayer. Something I do each day, but I sometimes wonder how sincere they are. It's not as though I'm trying not to be sincere ... but it happens. It reminded me that as a parent it's my strongest tool. It's something we should be teaching our children and it's something we should be using each and every day to make us better. And we should include the mundane things ... those things make up our lives, and ultimately our Heavenly Father wants to know about those things.  

I also came away from conference with a strong impression that as a mom I have to make the best decisions (with Jeff of course) for my family, even if those aren't everyone else's choices. As a working mom I have sometimes felt like there are two categories of women in the church - stay at home moms and women who have no choice but to work - and nothing else existed. This time I felt very strongly that whatever we choose for our family, as long as we have really prayed about it and following the promptings of the spirit, is just fine. It still might not be the most common in Utah, but that's ok too. So, for now, this is what works for our family ... and that's just great. 

Speaking of family, we were out to lunch with my sis-and-bro-in-law a couple of months ago and were talking about teaching the gospel. Our young missionaries are expected to really know the gospel when they leave. I made a comment (thinking from the perspective of being in the Primary Presidency) that we have a huge responsibility in our callings to teach the children/youth. She answered, "Think of what they need to learn at home." It stopped me in my tracks. She's right. What are our children learning at home? And how can we do better? What a great example to me ... she has five great kids, two of which are already missionaries. All are great examples to their cousins. 

There are my profound life lessons for now :)!