Sunday, January 17, 2016


Liam is officially three! It's funny - I want him to stay little, but even I have been referring to him as being three for a little while and had to correct myself! He's always been eager to be big, and this past year he grew up SO MUCH! 

He decided to potty train himself back in May, speaks to you like a tiny adult, jokes and teases like the class clown I think he's destined to be and is convinced he's Spider-Man. If you asked him a few days ago how old he was turning he promptly responded five. Because when you have a five year old brother you play with all the time, what else would you be doing other than turning the same age? They fight like brothers do, but this year have learned how much they love to play together and spend hours doing things just the two of them. 

Liam is the funniest kid - he'll joke around with Jeff about the sports teams we like and tease that he likes a team we don't just to get a laugh (like the "stinky U's"), and he loves to play - everything is a game. He's strong willed and very independent, but the sweetest snuggler who loves everyone (his mamma especially!). He's social and a good little friend and always tries to include people. 

This year he has done gymnastics, soccer and swimming. He's loved all of them. Currently he's taking swim lessons but he can't wait until soccer starts this spring, and he's finally old enough to be on a team instead of the little class he took. He's also very excited to be starting pre-school in the fall - he's more than ready! 

We always said the kids can start having friend parties when they are four, when party guests are a little older (and potty trained), but when Liam looked at us and said that he was having a Spider-Man party and rattled off his guest list, we couldn't say anything but okay. 

The kids played "pin the spider on Spider-Man," used balloons (the kind with the big rubber bands) to "beat up the bad guys" and had a silly-string "web war." Then of course there was cake and ice cream (check out what aunt Ale made!) and presents. Then the kids watched Liam's new PAW Patrol movie while they waited to get picked up. 


 Later that day we took Liam to lunch and to the Train Show at Thanksgiving Point (it's tradition). After a much needed nap, we went to the Fairbank's house to cheer on the Cardinals. Such a fun day! 

Since today (his actual birthday) is a Sunday we're just playing with his toys as a family, which is a nice low-key way to end the weekend. And mom insisted we take some pictures - I love having a record of what he looked like (and what our whole family looked like!) each year. 

We love you little-bitty!! You are our favorite Spider-Man! Happy Birthday!