Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Independent

Somehow Landon has developed quite the independent streak (no clue where he got that from :)!). He loves to explore all our cabinets and drawers and has recently decided he should probably get to feed himself with his spoon. He doesn't always insist, but when he does we get this:
He is so proud of himself it just kills me :)

In other recent happenings we decided to take him sledding. Please don't mind the mismatched snow clothes, we used a combination of our stuff and some borrowed stuff to keep him warm :)! So far there just hasn't been a reason to buy him a snowsuit this year thanks to our very nice neighbors!
He liked hanging with us in his snowclothes ... but the sledding? Not so much!

The other day I changed his diaper, left to go take it outside and came back to find this:
So creative! He was really pleased with his discovery of how many wipes one little baby can pull out in less than a minute's time. Maybe we should enter him into that Minute to Win It show ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Confession

Every once in a while I listen to the easy-listening station on the radio in my car. Sometimes you just need a good late-90s boy-band song to make the day right (or is that just me?). Who doesn't love a little N'Sync or Backstreet Boys every once in a while? Doesn't it transport you back to a different place and time in your life? For me it is freshman year at BYU ... the dances and cheesy boys in our ward trying WAY too hard to be funny by learning the dance moves from the music videos and performing them for us girls. Ah ... back in the day :)!

It just makes me want to host a dance party ... complete with cookies and punch, cheesy decorations and an awkward photographer.

Who's with me?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Excitement in the Terry House ...

It's been a busy week for us around here ... just a few exciting things in our lives:

*Landon is DONE with his helmet!! YAY! The Dr. said we could "fine tune" for 3 more weeks, but not much is going to change and he is technically done. So we decided to be done ... and I have spent the last 2 days kissing his helmet-free head! I really missed that soft hair of his!
*We put our house up for sale. Yup ... we did. We're excited to see what could happen! If you know of anyone in the market we're selling one cute townhouse!
*I went to the dentist and am cavity free. Which is pretty exciting in general ... but the best news is I FINALLY got Jeff that new toothbrush he has wanted for so long (and buying one just wasn't acceptable ... he really wanted the free one).

Well, that pretty much sums up our exciting lives for this week! Tune in for more soon ... I know you really can't wait!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Months....

It's hard for me to believe that Landon is 10 months old already! This first year is passing us by much too quickly. He is just so much fun and we still marvel at how much he has changed our lives.

He is developing quite the little personality, crawls like a little speed demon, is starting to pull himself up and loves to say "dada" all day long! He is also quite the flirt with older women. Whenever we are in a restaurant he will pick one and stare and smile at her until she will smile and wave at him. It's his surefire method ... it always works! And when it does he grins so big and waves back!

He still loves to read, play peek-a-boo (his chubby hands covering his little face is probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen!), loves to look at fish and is just a happy and lovable guy in general.

He makes us laugh all the time now because we just don't know what to expect :)!

In the mornings after he has his bottle he loves to sit and play with his books. I snuck out and grabbed the camera and caught him playing ...
Then he caught me watching :)!
After naptime I went in and he was miffed because he was still in his crib (the NERVE!), but I thought his expression was priceless. Apparently I said something that made him laugh after because that is quite the change of heart!
And now today ... on his official 10 month b-day playing with his new Eeyore.
Annoyed with me for making him sit still ...
But I kept coaxing ...
We love you buddy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike

Great minds think alike right?! Well, this morning I found some really cute shoes for Landon online. For a really good deal. I send the link to Jeff to see if he liked them as much as I do. We were both busy though so the subject just kind of got left off at that point. Or so we thought (can you feel the suspense building?!)

THEN ... I realized I had an additional coupon to the website! SCORE! That would make shoes that were already a really good deal a fabulous deal (with free shipping ... um, hello!). So I bought them right then and there!

So proud of my deal I called Jeff excitedly ... and he had just done the exact same thing and was about to call to tell me! We both laughed really hard.

He decided he would call and cancel his order (I really would have liked to hear that conversation ... they would have probably thought "wow, you two are real winners").

So I guess great minds really do think alike ... they should just chat a bit more before carrying out great ideas :)!

Here were the shoes purchased (twice!) ... now let's just hope they fit my favorite little chubby feet!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A boy and his dog

You know how they say that a dog is man's best friend? I would suggest we change that to a dog is a little boy's best friend for two reasons: 1. Jeff and Ellie's relationship is tenuous at best and 2. Landon, on the other hand, thinks that Ellie is AMAZING.

Now that he is crawling a lot faster now he follows her around. His eyes light up when he realizes she (and that tail!) are right in front of him... and if he just reaches he can grab it! And her toys! Oh how he loves her toys (disgusting, I know ... it's a full time job just keeping them out of his little hands). Ellie (bless her doggy-heart) is very patient with him.

I have two excellent examples of just how much these two like to hang out (or how good Landon is at imitating her and following her around).

I was going to the bathroom the other day. I have taken to leaving the door open when I am home alone so as to create less time to rush out of it now that Landon is mobile ... you know just in case. Ellie walks up and proceed to lay down to WATCH me. Then I hear Landon's adorable crawl ... and he peeks his head around the door jam, sees Ellie watching and LAYS DOWN NEXT TO HER! I just burst out laughing and wished I had my camera. But alas ... it does NOT accompany me to the bathroom. Ever.

Then yesterday I was in the kitchen thinking "He is playing so well" which was immediately followed by "It is WAY too quiet." So I immediately went looking. Sure enough. Landon and Ellie are facing each other. With their tongues OUT. As I was walking towards them to move him I automatically said "You two quit licking each other!" And no, that is not the first nor the last time I have said that. Seriously. In fact, if he goes to give you a kiss ... it clearly resembles an Ellie kiss.

But it is so stinking cute ... other than stopping anything germy I can't help but let them play!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Happy New Year

As I look back on 2010 all I can think about is what an incredible year it was for our family! I started the year as a crazy (and I do mean crazy) pregnant woman ... terrified of the unknown before me.

And then ... a miracle happened ... I met him. And suddenly the world was the most perfect place to be. Jeff and I have talked so many times about the before and after. And the journey we would only want to be on together. And what a blessed journey it has been so far!

We had a busy, crazy, fun year learning to be a family of three. Don't get me wrong, there were certainly plenty of challenges along the way, but I can't emphasize how wonderful it really was (and is every day). So we wanted to begin 2011 doing something fun as a family.

Jeff and Landon both LOVE fish. I don't know how a kiddo that little can be so fascinated by something, but he sure is (and totally his father's child!). So we headed to the aquarium for the day! My dad, Ale and James came with us, which made it extra fun (my mom was in AZ with her sisters).

Landon was so fascinated he would hardly look at the camera, and when he did he was usually annoyed that he couldn't be looking at the fish :)!

So excited to leave that morning! I'm glad he humors us with smiling even though he has no idea where we are actually going :)!
He and Grandpa playing on the boat ...
Look guys!
Apparently he thought the upside down jelly fish were cool because he stayed in this position until we had to pull him away so someone else could have a turn.
And apparently he liked whatever was in this tank...
Cool fish ...
The boys ...
The girls ...
Just us ...
Here's to a great 2011!