Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Summer Hurrah ... and KINDERGARTEN!

The last few weeks of summer flew right by (and I'm missing them already!). We headed to Kanab/Page for a family baptism and missionary homecoming. The boys had so much fun playing with cousins, and getting to go play at Lake Powell. Landon even jumped off a cliff into the water (I have a super cool video - I just don't know how to post it)! 
So many cousins (and missing some!)!

Yes, I was totally wearing a life jacket.
Then, a few weeks later, we decided to head to Park City as a family for a fun weekend before school started. We biked, swam, ate at some yummy restaurants, did the adventure activities at Park City Mountainside Resort and just hung out together. It was so much fun! It also fell just before Jeff and I were headed out on an anniversary trip, so we were extra glad to spend some time just us, away from the chores of everyday life. 

Landon was all about the Alpine Coaster -
the faster the better!
Down they go!
On the ski lift up to the Alpine Slide ...
he was just a little too little for the coaster!
His goal was also the faster the better!
And then came the FIRST DAY of KINDERGARTEN! Landon has been counting down since the month of August started - he was that excited. It was almost torture that his friends all started the week before (since Kindergarten starts a week later. For me, it seemed like it snuck up way too quickly. 
So grown up!
Liam was excited for him, until he
realized he didn't get to go too!
I was barely holding it together!

We walked to school together, and dad came for the drop off as well. He happily stood in line, made friends and waved goodbye like a champ. I cried all the way home (of course!) but he raved about what a great day he had, and seems to have settled in nicely. 

Walking with his sweet friends
The school makes a huge deal of the first day!
In Mrs. Rigby's classroom
He LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Rigby, and is always coming home talking about his new friends and the adventures that elementary school seems to bring. Mrs. Rigby has already told me that she looks to Landon to befriend the other kids, especially the ones who are having a hard time making friends. That made Jeff and I so happy to hear! He's growing up too fast, that's for sure!