Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thumb Wars

Last night Jeff and I were sitting around playing thumb wars. We're super cool like that. (You probably wish you could be friends with us, well, you're in luck - we're taking applications). And Jeff commented about my freakishly strong thumbs. Needless to say - I won.

Every. Single. Round. 

Allow my to introduce one of the champions.

A few other things about my super awesome thumbs:

*They have (as you can see above) the "hitch hiker" shape. However, they have never actually hitch hiked anywhere.

*I don't usually ever have them painted. The ends of my fingers turn numb when polished. It's weird and annoying. So generally they are au natural. 

*They are adept at both thumb wars and wiping icky things off small children (my small children ... don't worry I am not spitting on them and wiping them on your small children)

*They are really, really fast. Sometimes I'm even amazed at how the dart around Jeff's (much slower) thumbs.

*They type quickly and play the piano (with assistance from my other fingers of course).

Now you know something very cool about me. What makes you awesome?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Six Months Old!!

Liam is already six months old! I honestly don't even know how that happened. He is such a little light in our house and we love him so much! We really can't get enough of him, his smile, his chub, his belly laugh and all that drool!!

He started sitting up at five months (and a week or so) and is a pro at it now. He has busy little hands and is constantly trying to reach or grab something. And naturally everything ends up in his mouth for a good slobbering. We're pretty sure those bottom teeth want to make an appearance sometime soon (dad's fingers are his favorite to teeth against). And he loves (LOVES!) to eat (which, as you can see from his pictures and stats below, that's not surprising news). 
I love his big smile!

Very hard at work ...
Liam is ALWAYS looking for Landon. He couldn't adore him more - he wants to be a big kid so bad. He's also learned that if Landon's not nice to him one scream and mom comes to the rescue. They are both little stinkers! But such cute stinkers, we've decided to keep them both around.
Brothers rock.
Liam is also obsessed with his blanket and monkey lovey - he insists that it's covering his face while he's asleep. It drives me bonkers. But when I move it he will feel around in his sleep until he finds it and re-covers himself. It's fascinating to watch.  

He's growing up much too fast. I want to hold on to him (and every last roll on him!) forever. He's such a blessing in our lives!! Happy six months Liam!!

Height: 28 in.(90%)
Weight: 20.1 lbs. (90%)
Head: 42 cm (25%)*
*A bit of a proportion problem there :)