Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Little Happenings

A recent neighborhood tragedy has stopped me in my tracks, and reminded me that life is just too short, and so precious. We have to hold on to every moment we can and savor the times spent with those we love. It reminded me that I haven't blogged in ages (despite my commitment to myself to do more of it). I want to cherish the moments ... and not just the huge events, but the little things that as parents might fade into the background as our kids get older and move on to bigger things.

A few weeks ago I moved from full time work, back to part time. It might seem like a crazy move for the career driven. And a part of me has to fight against that side of me all the time - I like to work. But I just knew, in the deepest part of my heart, that I needed and wanted to be home more. And home more I am! 

It's been wonderful, and I'm trying to cram five days of adventures (mid-week) into three, which is a bit crazy sometimes, but it's been super fun. And I love them, so it's worth every moment. And Jeff has been wonderfully supportive and has also noticed a distinct difference in both the boys and myself with our new arrangement. 

On to the updates!


  • He is turning into quite the little reader! A family friend gave us all the books from her old classroom and he spends so much time reading them - I love it!
  • He's such a good example to me. When he heard that our neighborhood friend was living in heaven now, he lit up and said how happy he was that someone would be living with Heavenly Father again. Such an eternal perspective!
  • He loves his bike and playing with his friends - I love watching them interact. Sometimes there are issues (as there are with children), but I'm so proud when they can work it out by themselves (most of the time).
  • His favorite shorts are his cammo ones ... if he could wear them every day he would! He puts together some really interesting outfit combos :)
  • His favorite things to do: swim, play with friends, play the xbox, go to Boondocks, and watch Power Rangers and Spy Kids.
  • He played t-ball (and Jeff coached!) and liked it ok. He was a good little hitter, but overall found it to be a little boring. The verdict is out on playing again.
    Cutest T-baller

    All kinds of fashion statements here :)
  • He decided a little over a month ago that he was done with diapers and ready to wear big kid unders! I so wasn't ready (potty trained kids are awesome ... but newly potty trained kids are a lot of work!), but he was and he has ROCKED it! 
  • He was supposed to get his tonsils out (snoring/apnea issues) but I had the worst feeling about it. We just got a second opinion and we might be looking at tubes as a first option, especially since the apnea issues seem to have dissipated, but the fluid has not. I'm so grateful for the Spirit and the ability to receive inspiration for our children
  • He is talking in full paragraphs now - the things that come out of his little person are just hilarious!
  • His prayers are the sweetest - he blesses everyone (and everything!) he knows, including Jesus and Heavenly Father. I've never thought to pray for Them, but he does and it's the cutest.
  • He's really good at bugging his brother (an expert if you will) but he's also a pro at apologizing :)
  • He's obsessed with doing puzzles - he's still working on it, but he is dedicated!
The only thing cuter than itty-bitty tighty-whities
is itty-bitty boxer briefs.
Naked reading ... it's a thing now
Their favorite song is Say Geronimo by Shepard. Holy cow they could listen to it over and over again and NEVER get bored! 
I love them and the little moments and adventures that make up our lives with them.