Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cute Conversations

One of the joys of being a parent is listening to Landon & Liam have conversations when they think we aren't listening.

This morning they were in the bath and Landon showed Liam a birth mark on his leg. He said "Liam, look, this is my polka dot. Heavenly Father gave it to me ... that's how he made me!" 

Liam's response, "woooah, Landon!" with all the awe that only a little brother can have for something so cool.

I love listening to them and watching them become little friends!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I have served in Primary for a lot of years now. And I love it. I love seeing their testimonies grow and learning from their incredible spirits. Nothing has been more fun though, than being with Landon in Primary. He just tries so, so hard to be reverent and participate. And sing really loud! 

It is so obvious to me lately how many decisions he will face as he enters school and grows up more. The influence of peers is getting bigger and my urgency to protect him and prepare him more and more continues to grow. And then sometimes it hits me - the size of his faith already, and the conviction he has.

This morning I woke up with a headache. Truth be told, I went to bed with a headache and it was still there when I woke up. The pain was terrible, and it's been happening more lately. After getting the kids breakfast I had to go lay down on the couch again for a bit. I just didn't feel like I could function it was so bad.

Landon came over to me (after already stepping up and helping so much this morning) and said "Mom, I'm going to give you a blessing!" I love that he knew that's what I needed, and as the only "man" around it was up to him.

I explained that I loved that he wanted to but that he isn't old enough to hold the Priesthood. But that he could pray for me. So he declared, "Okay, then I'll pray." 

And proceeded to say a simple prayer completely focused on me feeling better and having the strength to get better (he actually used the word strength...). 

Tears filled my eyes. His faith was simple, pure and un-doubting. And it worked. Through tears I hugged him. Then I stood up and continued the day. My head still hurts faintly, but has turned into background pain, instead of migraine pain. And my heart is full.

I hope that his faith continues to grow. That it is challenged, and tested and comes out stronger for it. And that someday he is old enough and worthy that when the occasion presents itself that he can say "I can give you a blessing." 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Liam turns TWO!

Our itty-bitty is officially two! In some ways I can't believe it - wasn't he just being put in my arms?! and in other ways he's seemed two for ages. He is so cute and fun I don't know what we would do without him!
Birthday Boy!!

Some fun things about Liam:

  • He's SO talkative. He didn't walk until he was 19 months, so we had to have him evaluated as a precaution. As part of it they realized that he is really advanced both in verbal ability and comprehension (in the 90+ percentile for both). 
  • He LOVES music. He knows the lyrics to so many songs. His favorites are from Nursery and anything Taylor Swift sings. No matter how loud the radio is he will be shouting in the back seat "MORE LOUD MOMMY!" We love the rock n' roll side of him :).
  • He started walking at 19 months and quickly moved to running ... however, he is still not as proficient at certain gross motor skills as most kids his age, but he's getting there.
  • He loves anything to do with horses, and Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. His sweet 2-year-old prayers typically focus predominately on Farm Country and the "pony rides."
  • His other favorites are: his new bike, the Dinosaur Museum (or Pinosaur Museum as he calls it), the library and reading stories, and the aquarium.
  • He's super sweet, but definitely has his spit-fire side of him too. He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to get it. 
  • He has an amazing memory! He remembers everyone he meet's names and who their kids are by name. It's really impressive!
  • He has a sweet tooth ... sometimes I think this kid could survive on junk food!
  • His favorite movie is Frozen (which he will also call "his Olaf show") and can watch it endlessly ... and hearing him sing the songs at the top of his lungs might be the cutest thing ever. 
  • He loves Landon, so much! And wants to do everything he does. He's also really, really good at pushing Landon's buttons as any little brother is :).
  • He's a fan of Elmo - which is what he chose for his party.
We started the festivities the morning before his birthday when Grandma came up and took him to his favorite breakfast at McDonalds!

Thanksgiving Point has a Train Show they host every year, which always happens to fall the week of his birthday. He'd been asking about it for months (don't ask how he knew it was coming up?!) so on his birthday we headed over there first thing with grandpa and James. Little boy heaven! 

Then he sweet talked us in to Farm Country on our way out (these pics were from a different day we went to ride ponies!).

That night we went out to dinner and had a family party back at our house with Elmo cupcakes! He LOVED his presents - especially his new balance bike and helmet. He got on it immediately and could hardly be convinced to get off. 

The next couple of days he drug it everywhere I would let him. Luckily we've had unseasonably warm weather and he's gotten to ride several times. He's fearless - even when he falls he gets right back up. The one time he scraped his chin I went to comfort him and he hollered "I okay ... I do it!" Even if we ask if he wants help going fast (just to give him a little ride on it without him doing the work) he says the same thing "NO! I do it!" I love his determined little spirit.

He's still singing Happy Birthday to himself regularly! Love it!

Liam we love you so much buddy!! Thank you for being part of our family!!