Monday, March 14, 2016

Day to Day Anecdotes

I often remember to post the "big" events that happen in our lives, and forget about the little, cute things that happen from day to day that make having little people around so much fun. So here are a few little anecdotes that have happened in the day-to-day lately.

Our nephew Josh just got his mission call (to Australia!) a few days ago. Before he opened it I asked the boys where they thought he would go:

Landon: Washington, DC (this is where Landon was "called" on a mission at a Primary activity a couple of years ago, and he is still certain this is where he will serve! So sweet!)

Liam: The North Pole (he gave this serious thought, and I love his innocence in believing wholeheartedly that this is an actual mission!) 

This week Landon is "Captain of the Ship" for his Kindergarten class. I love that his teacher (Mrs. Rigby) coordinated it with his birthday week. He could hardly contain his excitement! And filling out the answers, coloring the poster and choosing the pictures for it were an event. It was so fun to do together! 

Then, just today I told the boys that uncle James just asked a girl to the Prom. They wanted to know what Prom is. I explained that it is a fun dance they take a date to, and get all dressed up and dance and hang out with their friends. 

Landon (having heard the dress up and dance part) acted like this wasn't the coolest idea ever. I assured him that they would both attend their proms and that I am sure they will have a lot of fun with their friends. 

Then, Liam piped up from the back and said "I going to take my girlfriend Emery and I'm going to dress up like SPIDER-MAN! I will wear my mask, and then take it off to dance, then I'll put it back on!" 

Landon and I just burst out laughing! How could we not? So. Cute.

These two keep me on my toes, and provide the best comic relief!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Month of Birthdays ... our first celebration!

March is quite the month around the Terry house ... three of our four birthdays are within a two week span PLUS my dad's birthday as well! It's a month-long party around here. 

Saturday we got to celebrate Jeff's birthday! I'll withhold his age to protect the innocent (but he was born in 1980 *cough, cough*). 

We were able to attend a baptism of a dear friend's little girl first, and then we headed off to celebrate. We went to Boondocks and had Costa Vida for lunch. Then sent Jeff off to golf with friends. Then I whisked him away to dinner at Tsunami with different friends (who share the SAME birthday!) and home for cake and ice cream with the kiddos. 

I love celebrating the people I love! Jeff is an incredible husband, and father and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. He's the best partner in this crazy journey I could ask for ... he just gets me, he loves us unconditionally and gives so much of himself. Happy birthday babe!