Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On bad backs, two-year-olds and empathy...

Friday Jeff's back went haywire. Like pinched nerve, can't walk, crying out in agony sort of haywire. Long story short he ended up at home by mid-afternoon. I was about to leave to run an errand. He assured me that if he and Landon were in one location and they didn't have to move the entire time I was gone I could leave Landon at home.

So I set them up on our bed. Jeff surrounded by pillows, having taken his medication, water handy and our essential oil diffuser letting off a relaxing scent. Landon had his DVD player with a movie and blanket. 

And I made them popcorn to snack on. Wouldn't want anyone to starve in the short amount of time I would be gone. 

With some trepidation I left them. I didn't need to worry. Landon, it turns out, is quite the care-giver. They say that two-year-olds don't have a lot of empathy. Which I believe. But when it comes to his best friend dad? Empathy he had!

Jeff said he was so well-behaved. And he kept shoving handfuls of popcorn into Jeff's mouth. So helpful!

And then when I got back and joined them Landon talked about daddies owie and then ...

Offered up Bear to comfort Jeff.

Bear. That is Landon's ultimate comfort, and he doesn't let just anyone hold him let alone hand him over to them. But he understood dad needed comfort. So he sacrificed his own comfort to give dad some. 

Who says two-year-olds don't get it?

And since this post is all about my two boys and the buddies they are I had to share these: 

Friday, May 25, 2012

A story a day...


Wednesday was one of those days. The kind that make me crave chocolate and consider pulling my hair out. I was sitting there thinking the day couldn't possibly get any longer ... when Jeff called at 4:30. I thought he was already on his way home (yay!). I then learned that it was happy hour Wednesday (in his defense it was the first he heard about it too). It's an event that happens ...


That was not what I was hoping to hear. And when he walked in the door (finally!) at 7:30 I officially hated happy hour. Although, now looking at it (not on one of those days) it's kind of a funny idea.

Jeff. At happy hour. Making small talk (cause you know how much he loves that). 

He's the only male recruiter. And the only non-drinker.

He ordered water. At HAPPY HOUR. I told him next time he should branch out and order soda. Or an appetizer. He did say that one of his fellow recruiters regaled them with stories from her life ... from the 70s and 80s. It sounded pretty wild! 


Thursday was one of the opposite days. Landon was the cutest child in world. Mischievous but so cute.  Carolyn knocked on our door and I was chatting with her outside. Landon was running around outside in his socks. I told him to go inside to get his shoes or to take his socks off. So he happily went inside. Then I looked in and it appeared he had walked through to the back "yard" (sneaky, sneaky!). I went back in and he was actually sitting up to the kitchen table ... eating peanut butter from the jar (I might have been enjoying a few spoonfuls before Carolyn knocked and left it out). A 2-year-old eating from a jar is a bit messier ... and he was pretending to type on my laptop at the same time :)! He was covered in peanut butter and was sooo pleased with himself! I just had to laugh. 

Later we were in Orem. You should know, I never get gas in my car. I actually have to think about which side of my car my gas tank is on it is that infrequent that I put my own gas in (bless you, Jeff). But I was near Costco and thought "I'll be really nice and gas this bad-boy up." Got to Costco - I was the first person in line! Does that ever happen? Nope ... clearly it was a good sign.


I couldn't find my Costco card anywhere. The last time I used it? Was the day I lost Jeff's tie. Yep. Another casualty of that day. My Costco card.

So we go in to get it replaced. They take my picture. And the guy tells me it is the best picture of the day so far. I ask him if I was the only picture so far today. He assured me it wasn't. Then he called for backup to agree with him that it was the best picture. Weirdos. Nice weirdos, but weirdos nonetheless. He did tell me it was quite the awesome accolade to receive. I saw the picture once it was printed. If that was the best picture I would HATE to see the worst one.

Fast forward to Thursday night. We were driving past Utah Lake. Landon looks out and is SO pleased to discover ...

The Ocean! In Utah!!

I tried explaining the difference between a lake and an ocean. So he started using the word lake. But he was really hoping to see the whales, fish and gold fish (his words, not mine) he is certain live there. Despite my oceanography lesson. Oh well, it was super funny to listen to his description. And his pure child-like joy from the discovery.


I leave you with one more story. 

Today was a clean and get ready to go to St. George sort of day. I plopped Landon in a bubble bath and set to work on the upstairs. He was chatting and singing to himself. I was catching glimpses at him through the open door while I dusted the upstairs table (right outside the bathroom door, lest you think he was out of sight). 

Suddenly he started saying "Oh-no pee!" over and over. I was in the middle of dusting and object and assured him that he pees in the tub all the time (I hope a future girlfriend reads this someday, by the way) and it was fine. I said "I'll be right in there, I'm almost done." But his insistence got louder, "Oh-no MOM pee! pee!!" After a couple more times of him shouting OH-NO MOM and the word pee getting an increasing number of "eeeees" added to the end I walked in there.

He hadn't peed in the tub at all. It was a much, um, bigger problem.

So I hauled him out and had him sit there so I could disinfect the premise (and then him). All the while he was chanting "peed! peed!" 

Glad someone was so tickled by the situation :)!

I'll be honest, I've laughed a couple times about today myself. 

In fact, I think that's the difference between the Wednesdays and Fridays of my week this week. When I choose to laugh at the situations it makes all the difference.  

And on that SUPER profound note, I leave you for the long weekend. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Staycation

Jeff took this last week off - he finished up at Myriad and started at ARUP just yesterday ... but in between that? Pure staycation fun!

We did all sorts of fun things, including a LOT of relaxing and lounging (ahhh ... it was great!). 

A few highlights:
* Jeff got to go to art class with Landon for the first time ever. They both loved it! And the cactus and sand art Landon created with Dad's help were both superb :)!
* We played at a friend's pool and the splash pad.
*We headed up to SLC on Trax to see City Creek and let Landon play in their water fountains. He LOVED the train! Every time we stopped he said "more passengers!!" And we have to look at the pictures on him on the train all the time now.
Is it any wonder that eventually he fell in? This kiddo and water...
* Landon loved walking around the temple and getting to pick different videos to watch at the visitors center. 
* Jeff got in a couple rounds of golf ... his favorite!
* Jeff and I got to go to a spa party with some super awesome friends!
* Jeff and I went away overnight just the two of us! Ahh ... bliss! We needed to do some shopping since Jeff went from wearing jeans to work to nice dress clothes (be still my heart ... I love it!). So we snuck away to shop, have a quiet dinner and relax. Landon was thrilled beyond measure to spend the night at gramma, papa and James' house. 

Overall we crammed a lot into that week and had so much fun just hanging as a family! I'm so glad Jeff's starting this new adventure ... but we sure do miss him now that he's back at work!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Driving Confessions

1. I have road rage. Example: Yesterday we were headed to breakfast. The car in front of us was lolly-gagging and basically just being dumb. And I was hungry (not a good combo, I assure you). So I reached across Jeff (who was driving) and honked the horn. And when they turned to look (seriously, it was so slow it was like they were moving in slow motion ... and they were in between me and breakfast) I gave them the evil eye. I feel like people need to know when they are being dumb. It's a service really.

2. Jeff thinks I'm a terrible driver. I protest this loudly. I'm actually a good driver (compare our records...). Unless it's at night. And then I'm (not-so-secretly-anymore) slightly terrified to drive.  

3. I have been known to sing at the top of my lungs while driving when a good late 90s-early 2000s song comes on. I usually know the words to them better than anything super trendy (unless it is Popcorn Popping ... and then I nail it every time).

4. I also love singing to honky-tonk sort of country (again, top of my lungs). And I picture myself in Wranglers dancing at said honky-tonk the whole time (and in these daydreams I look like and can dance like Julianne Hough in the new Footloose. Only , I really don't at all, which is why it's a daydream). It's pretty awesome. Betcha wish you could be there.

5. My only downfall when driving long distances is that I have a tendency to get sleepy... so it's best to catch me during the day, for short distances. Then? I'm amazing.

Really, the most important thing to remember from this post, is don't be a dumb driver. Especially if we are on the road together when I'm hungry. I will honk at you. And give you the evil eye. It's pretty scary. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Day Play-by-Play

8:45: Wake up (yep, wake up ... isn't sleeping in delicious!). I then relaxed and read in bed. I could hear some activity going on downstairs and figured I would be summoned when Jeff and Landon were ready for me.

9:00: Landon burst through my bedroom door wearing his Thomas the Train apron over his Thomas the Train jammies (naturally). He proudly announced "Mooooom - wunch!" I asked him "Did you make mommy Lunch or Breakfast?" And he replied "Brecktast!" I appropriately oohed and ahhhed over the prospect before asking him "What did you make me?" And he answered "Pa-cakes!" So downstairs we went. And they were probably the best "pa-cakes" ever. Jeff is a master pancake maker and has taught Landon well. In fact Jeff was making syrup and Landon mixed the pancakes up pretty independently!

9:30: I got to take a super long shower with no interruptions. And get ready for as long as I wanted to. Those two things alone are priceless.

11:20: Played for the sweetly singing Primary children while the wowed the Sacrament meeting audience with their musicality.

12:30: Jeff and I got to go to Sunday School together!! Thanks to Landon staying in nursery and the fact that I got released from being a Primary teacher. I can't tell you how much I love sitting by my man and enjoying a good lesson!

1:45: After an much-needed mini-lesson on prayer the RS sisters were ordered out to the pavilion for a delicious treat. Cheesecake? Don't mind if I do. I even got to snuggle a certain friend's adorable 3 week old baby while chatting. That's way better than something to take home in my book!!

2:45: Landon was down for a nap and I got to lounge around while Jeff scurried around making dinner. Then I proceeded to lounge outside the in the sunshine. Essentially there was a lot of lounging going on. 

5:15ish: My family arrived for dinner. Can I just tell you ... Jeff is a rock star. The menfolk are in charge of all things dinner for Mother's day and because my dad doesn't cook this falls on Jeff to take care of. And he does it right! Rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, asparagus ... and homemade peach cobbler. My dad brought frozen rolls (they were still good) and had my mom make beans. Poor dad ... we've given up on his culinary skills completely :)!

6:30: While that peach cobbler was getting all bubbly in the oven we opened presents. Landon opened mine for me with gusto! He picked out the cutest Woody (from Toy Story) card ever. And decorated it with Lightning McQueen stamps. He picked out the book "Love you Forever" which I have been really wanting (he takes a hint well!) and because we love to read together. He also picked out "Forget Me Not" by Elder Uckdorf. He told Jeff "Gamma mom too" at the store (he remembered getting it for his Grandmas and thought I needed it to) Smart boy. I almost bought myself a copy I love it so much :)! Jeff gave me a beautiful pot of flowers.

8:00: A VERY tired Landon was tucked into bed and my family was heading home (with the main attraction asleep there isn't a lot to stick around for)

10:00: A VERY tired mom headed to bed herself feeling very, very loved.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Siri + My Smarty Pants

How many of you are familiar with Siri? You know ... the fancy feature on the iphone 4s that talks to you? If you don't own one but have seen the commercials don't be fooled. She isn't that smart. She has not yet solved all of my life's problems or produced world peace. 

But she is pretty cool nonetheless. 

And Landon thinks she is AWESOME. Like a little take along friend. 

It didn't take him long to figure out if you pushed the big middle button a lady starts talking to you.

And what shocked me even more - he knew what to ask!

A couple of weeks ago he started shouting "call dad!" into the phone after pushing the button.

It took him a couple of tries, but sure enough ... she obeyed. The only problem? Dad in my phone is Papa to Landon. But he was still tickled pink when Siri connected them. 

They had a delightful conversation ... which was really cute to listen in on (by the way, I am SO thankful we have many more years of mom-listening-in-on-conversations, just sayin')

Then a week later Landon started shouting "call Jeff-reee" into the phone. He figured out, on his own, that when I say that it connects me with Jeff. Which was his whole point from the beginning.

I'm not entirely sure how else he would have figured out that Jeff's full name is Jeffrey ... I always call him Jeff unless I use Siri.

Siri, however, has not yet figured out what Landon's elongated "Jeff-reee" is referring to. But it cracks me up to watch him try.

Then I help him connect with Jeff and sit back and smile while he walks around the house talking on the phone ... pretty sure I know where he learned that :)!

Siri might not be creating world peace, but she makes us smile. Maybe it's world peace one smiling parent at a time? Hey ... that should be their new commercial!  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking Back

**I added another picture per a few readers' request...

This morning, on my usual morning perusal of Facebook I noticed something. My high school English/Drama teacher posted a bunch of pictures from plays and the musical I was in.

Wow. It took me back.

May is always a bit nostalgic for me anyways. It's a fun time to look back at graduation and how far I've come in 12 (yes, 12) years. Some people say high school was the best time of their life. That is definitely not the case for me (have you met my husband and son? Told you!). But it was a great time. A time of good friends and great memories. 

So it's fun to look back a bit. Some of my best memories from high school were made in the Green Room (do they still call them that?) and on that stage, with those people.

Wanna peak into that part of my life? 

This is Nic - a dear friend - and I. We played Curly and Laurie in the musical Oklahoma! It was the first time our high school did a musical (it was pretty small to say the least). It was an amazing thing to be a part of - the whole town came out to support us. Every show was sold out to standing-room only. The way people talk about it (still ... now on FB) makes me so happy ... it really meant something to our little community. 

And despite the fact that he is two years younger, gay and I had a "serious" boyfriend I think we did a pretty darn good job of looking like we were in love :) (if you don't know the musical - shame on you! - but this is just after he proposed)! Nic and I formed a really strong friendship that year, and topping it off with this was just the icing on the cake.

See what I mean about great memories? There was another picture from the play we did just after the musical called The Good Doctor. It is a picture of me and my then-boyfriend backstage (btw - the robe was my costume, I wasn't just schlepping around the green room in a robe). Looking blissfully in puppy love. 

Unaware of the changes life was about to bring. Unaware of where our relationship would go and when it would end. Just enjoying that blissful time during Senior Year when you think everything in life is perfect and always will be. And that this will always be your life.

It wasn't, nor was it meant to be that way. And that's okay. The beautiful thing about looking back is the insight and perspective gained. And I feel really blessed to be able to look back with fond memories and gratitude for the experience. And no regrets.

And gratitude for the way those experiences led me to the life I have now. 

So thanks high school ... and my drama/musical friends. You rock.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Never Ending Play Date

Do you remember being a kid? I have such wonderful memories of summer - we were carefree and really only cared that we got to play from sunup to sundown. I remember begging my mom to either let my friend stay for dinner or begging to join their family for dinner (there was more playing to be done!). Those were the days right?

Well, who said they had to end?

This week we headed up to our friend Stepper's house. We planned to have a fun lunch and let the kids play ... then Landon and I would be on our way.

But we just couldn't seem to stop having fun! 

Life has been a bit crazy. Monday and Tuesday in particular left me feeling frazzled and like I was fraying around the edges. I called Jeff on my way up stressed and near tears. He said "I think you need a little Stepper time." 

He was right. When we deposited ourselves on her doorstep I immediately found myself calming down. I'm sure she didn't even realize the state I arrived in.
The kids got to playing ... and then eating lunch. Stepper and I talked about life, and career moves and children. And the longer we talked the more my frayed edges came back together. The more my soul seemed a little more at peace (that's a seriously calming effect, folks).

After a while we moved outside. The whole time I kept telling Landon that we wouldn't stay much longer ... there were naps to be had after all.
Serious Swinging
And then Stepper suggested we stay ... Landon could nap there and we could keep enjoying the day. And so we did. Landon didn't nap - and I didn't even mind (collective gasp of shock!).
Movie-watching down time
And then we hatched a plan to stay and eat dinner. I called Jeff and he met us there ... and we ate Cafe Rio takeout. 
It was a wonderful day - just what we needed. It took me back to those summer days that I just couldn't bear to have end. 

That night we all left well fed - on both friendship and good food. And plain worn out ... 

Isn't falling asleep after a day like that the best kind of sleep? I think so!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Friday!

Between that smile and those jammies how could not be happy?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Changes

It's been a busy couple of weeks around our house. A couple of weeks ago a company in SLC contacted Jeff about a job they had open to see if he would be interested in applying. He figured - why not? He flew through the phone screen and the first interview. The second (and final) interview was a 30-minute Power Point presentation and a panel interview. 

Understandably, he was pretty nervous! But by that afternoon they called asking if they could check his references. (Pretty much because he was AMAZING and the whole panel loved him)

And by the end of the day they called with a job offer!!

After a couple of days of discussion he accepted the job and gave his two weeks notice to his current job at Myriad! 

He will now be working for ARUP in SLC! We're excited for this new chapter in his career and glad to be moving on to something new!

Congrats Jeff!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Review...

Do you remember when I told you that my thoughtful husband took me for a massage before my birthday dinner/surprise party? (I know ... he's awesome) Well, my masseuse happened to be none other than Ali ... Stepper's sister. And I've heard a little rumor that Stepper is going to be doing a giveaway on her blog later this week ... for one of Ali's massages! But wait! Before you rush over there to see if you can enter yet I wanted to give you a little review ...

I love the spa. Love it. And my top choice? A massage ... so I consider myself to be a connoisseur of sorts. And Ali? Was AWESOME!

She asked the right amount of questions before she started and used a tiny drop of essential oils on my head to promote extra relaxation (I'm sure there is a technical term for this ... but you know what I mean). 

As she proceeded through the massage I was most impressed with her intuition. Once she hit a tender spot in my back. I'm certain I didn't even flinch but she intuitively knew I needed a softer touch and adjusted automatically. This alone helped me relax even more because I didn't feel like I had to tell her everything ... she just got it.

And I left feeling like a million dollars. Seriously, I went in with a headache and came out feeling rejuvenated. 

So ... now, you can feel free to stalk Stepper's blog until she posts that giveaway :)!