Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three months and Three years ... where does the time go?!

Liam is three months old today. Three. Where have the last 12 weeks gone? I feel like I was just in the hospital holding him for the first time (heck, I still feel like I just found out I was pregnant!). When I had Landon it seemed like time stood still those first three months - as if I did nothing but just love on him and hold him. But this time I feel as though life almost sped up with Liam's birth. And it makes me so sad - I want him to stay little forever. 

I love this stage ... Liam is SO chubby and cute. And he is such a sweet baby!!He sleeps through the night and loves his bottle as much as he loves all of us (he actually starts chuckling when he sees it when he is really hungry - so cute!).  And he LOVES to talk to us - he's a little chatter box. He's also starting to really "get" that Landon loves him (and isn't trying to torture him) - and he thinks that he is super fun to watch. I love it - watching those two interact makes me so happy. And he sure loves mom and dad too! When we walked in last weekend after being away overnight the second he heard our voices he started grinning and waving his arms at us. Made my whole week!

His favorite book is "The Jolly Pirate" (and I assure you it is already obvious that it is his favorite), and he loves his toys. He's such a patient little soul (unless he's hungry ... in which case watch out!). Sometimes I'll start to talk to him only to realize he'd been just waiting patiently to be paid attention to so he could say what he needed to say (and once he starts he doesn't stop!). I love it! And we all love him so, so much!!
We were chatting today ...
he didn't want to look at the camera though,
just at me, which I totally don't mind!
And with Liam at three months I can officially say (for the next 4 weeks) that we have a three year old and a three month old. I'm a huge dork and love stuff like that! 
Landon is a ball of energy these days. Three is definitely our most challenging phase yet. But the challenge comes with a huge reward too. He's smart, and clever and says the funniest things. I try to talk to him about his feelings (your welcome, future wife), so the other day we were in the car headed home from a friend's house. I asked him what he did (I knew he had a hard time and was unusually sad) to try to get him to talk about it. I said "What did you do today?" (warm up question) His answer "I pooped a lot." (conversation stopper). It was all I could do not to laugh out loud to his completely serious answer. 

He's become a very independent explorer and thinks he can do everything by himself. He had a friend over the other day. After a bit, us moms looked at each other and said "it is reeeeealy quiet out side." Sure enough they had SCALED the rock wall (our gate is padlocked to make the back yard "inescapable" and has a large, tiered back wall) and were disappearing over the hill. I did my best rescue sprint while hollering at them to come back. When I finally reached them they were only concerned that they didn't get to find their buried pirate treasure. I assured them that was the least of their concerns at the moment :)! My little adventurer.

And he plays in his first soccer game tomorrow. How is he old enough for that? If it's anything like practice I will be posting some seriously funny videos for the world to enjoy :)! 
First soccer practice!
I love my little men. They make my world go round. They are also giving me grey hair (and I'm NOT kidding about that, unfortunately), but we'll save that for another post (because life has slowed down a teensy bit and I want to do a catch up post also). 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Blessing Day

March was quite the month around here ... and suddenly here we are half way through April and I haven't even blogged about Liam's blessing yet! It was such a special day for us as a family and we were so lucky to have a lot of family and friends share it with us.

The man of the hour:

Why yes ... I do know how handsome I look!
Our little family:

What brotherhood really looks like sometimes:

The blessing was really beautiful - Liam is such a special little boy and we're so happy to have him be a part of our family. I didn't want the moment to end - there is nothing quite like a tiny baby and hearing about who they are in the purest form. 

There are millions of things I love about Liam - his contagious smile, his chill demeanor and patience with this crazy family he was born into, his ability to be heard when he wants to be and the way he snuggles!! Snuggling a baby that chubby is just the best feeling ever! I really can't imagine life without him!

Landon was thrilled by the blessing too. After Jeff finished he said "He's all blessed!" Then when they got back to our bench he said "Good job, Liam, good job!" And then, "Now I gonna bless him!" I asked him, "What are you going to bless him with?" And he responded "To be good!" What a sweet brother!

Happy blessing day Liam! We love you so much and are so happy you are part of our family!!