Monday, May 4, 2015

Landon's Five!

Oh Landon ... how are you FIVE already?! This post is later than it should be ... you've been five for just over a month now, but I couldn't let another day go by without commemorating what a cool kid you are. 

On your birthday at the Phoenix Zoo!

You are our rock star, in every way. You are funny, articulate, endearing and so sweet and kind. You have your emotional moments, and every once in a while you try on a bit of "big-kid" defiance, but you always go right back to our sweet boy. And you (finally!) gave up sucking your thumb at night!!
You make friends easily and we always have a bunch of kids at our house. Almost all of your friends are a couple of years older and it's so fun to watch you interact. But what we love the most is watching you interact with Liam. Sometimes you fight and push each other's buttons, but lately you want to help him, and be his example and the way he looks up to you is so sweet. Thank you for being such a great person for him to look up to (and please don't ever stop!). 

Here is a good example: Just the other day you didn't have to take a nap. When Liam woke up you said: Liam, I didn't even have to take a nap. His reaction: "Wooooow Lanon!" (said with a reverence that is only reserved for big brothers) Liam often refers to you as "my Lanon!"

You are always up for anything. You love your play set and have mastered your two wheel bike with no training wheels. The other day you went 3 miles with us and could have gone longer!  

You LOVE playing soccer. You've gotten really good at stealing the ball away, and it's fun to watch you improve. But what we love most is that you are the heart and soul of a team - you cheer for them, you encourage them, and no matter how long you've played and how tired you look you are always the first to volunteer to go back out on the field. This spring you're going to try T-ball for the first time and we can't wait to watch you!! 
School is one of your favorite things - you are a sponge and love to learn. You are thrilled about kindergarten because you finally get to go to the big school where your friends are, but you keep trying to convince us that you might just need to go right to first grade so you can be with your friends :)! You are reading really well, and we love seeing the pride in your eyes when you master new skills. 

And you are so valiant ... you love learning about the gospel and sharing it. You are an example to all of us. Sometimes you'll bust out what you learned from a scripture story and we didn't even know you had heard it!

And the latest? I think we have an official "first crush!" There is a very cute girl next door who you've informed me a few times you are going to marry. Until last week, she wasn't aware of the plan. The two of you were coloring when she mentioned that a family member was going to be going to Washington, DC. 

You: "That's where I'm going to go on a mission!" (this is from a ward Primary Activity from last summer) "And get married in the temple! To YOU!"
Her: "Wait, what?!"
You: "Uhhhh, nevermind"

I almost died laughing, and wanted to cry at the same time. Really, you are just growing up too fast. And as I hold you on my lap, I wish you weren't growing so fast. But at the same time it is so fun to watch you grow and change. I guess, as a mom, I wish I could just hold you forever. 

We love you, Landon. You're our best FIVE years!!