Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Liam's Fall Antics

This cute boy keeps us on our toes!! He's obsessed with Spiderman and has been known to wear his mask outside the house. But it's so cute, I can't say no! He is also known to introduce himself as "Spidey" to other people. It's really hard to keep a straight face.

He has loved Mommy n' Me gymnastics class (especially the bars!) but decided that he wanted to try something new this fall and has moved on to swimming ... but look at his cute face!

He just got invited to participate in a little preschool class at the Jr High for a day and he LOVED being so big and going to school. After he said he was "sooo busy!" 

He also says the cutest and funniest things ... about his friend above he's said "She's the prettiest girl, Mom!" (And who can blame him for adoring her?!) He asks "what's that smell" while scrunching his nose (so cute!) and "okay, mom, okay?" and nods his head yes so you'll agree with him. When you ask him what he loves he said "I love mom, and dad ... and coke!" And he's ALWAYS trying to get treats. Always.

I love the way he describes things. Recently he saw "Inside Out." One night he got in trouble for yelling at me. Later Jeff went to say good night and talk about the day. Liam told him "Anger was on FIRE inside my head, dad!" We got a really good laugh about that!

We love him and his spunky, funny, sweet personality!

Kindergarten Update

Landon has taken the kindergarten world by storm! He loves it so much - from his teacher, to his new friends, to being a Traverse Mountain Tiger - he's "all in" on this experience. He's had his first field trip, been Student of the Month, made several new friends and moved up to chapter books! We love how much he loves school and learning!

Soccer Season

With late summer/early fall comes the start of soccer season at our house! Liam has been begging to play so we found a little class for him also. They were in heaven - they both love it so much!

Monday, November 9, 2015

New York, New York!

This year was a big anniversary for Jeff and I ... 10 YEARS! We decided we needed to celebrate in style and booked a 6 day trip to New York City. Six days. Away from our sweet boys, work ... and reality. Other than missing our boys, it was bliss! We did a little of everything - two Broadway shows (Wicked and Les Mes), a Yankee's game, biking and rowing in Central Park, the Highline park, walked along the Hudson, and took the Staten Island Ferry. We saw so much of the city - one day alone we clocked 15 miles! Pictures below (warning ... there are a LOT ... and mainly of us, it was an anniversary trip you know!)!
And we're off!
The Manhattan LDS Temple - so beautiful!
After going to the temple we started meandering and
stumbled upon this pretty little park among the buildings.
Anniversary night! Dinner & Wicked!

Empire State
Times Square (where we stayed!)
Central Park ... it's AMAZING!
We biked and then rowed in this pond - so cute!
Our rowing was rewarded with very cool views.
The city skyline from the Staten Island Ferry
And just because we liked it so much we also
rode it a second time at sunset!
Lady Liberty herself
Breathtaking ...

Highline Park
For being such a busy city it is full of parks!
Yankee Stadium
Go Yankees!
If you walk long enough you stumble upon
amazing historical churches
... with cool 
Or awesome food booths ... coolest city!
Wall Street
The Hudson River!
One World Trade Center
The 9/11 Memorial ... beautiful and so powerful

It was amazing - a time to have fun, reconnect, and remember why we started this crazy journey to begin with. I love this guy. I knew after 3 weeks I'd marry him, and I haven't ever looked back! Here's to 10 more great ones, babe! 

One last show on our last night ... Les Mes