Monday, March 18, 2013

Super Landon!

Landon today you turned three. Three. I'm not even sure how that's possible. It seems like yesterday you were my tiny baby and just seconds ago you still had those chubby baby cheeks of yours playing in the sand in San Diego last year ... and now you are so BIG! It's been a busy year for all of us, and you are no exception. You never fail to amaze us with how fast you learn things and how much personality you have. 

Right now you are really into the show "Super Why." So much so that you requested that your party be a "super why" party. So in honor of your love of all things "super hero" I'm going to tell you a few of the super powers you currently posses...

* Super Sweet: Yes, we can tell that three is going to be a much more challenging year, but really, even then, you are just such a sweet kid. You always want to do nice things for people and you try so hard to use your polite words.
* Super Learner: You're like a little sponge. This year you learned all your letters, their sounds and the concept that when you put them together it makes words. You love to count things and identify things by their color/shape, etc. You love puzzles and building things and creating art. You ask a lot of questions and you remember things and pick up on things so well we are amazed every day.
* Super Talker: Holy cow ... I love that you communicate so well with us. You also have the funniest (and sometimes snarkiest) sayings. And you use a lot of different tones - we never know if you'll be using a normal or a super deep voice. It makes family prayers pretty funny sometimes :)
* Super Helper: You are our big helper. There isn't much you aren't willing to help us do, or try to help us with. 
* Super Runner: You have, quite possibly, the cutest run on the planet. Everyone comments on it - you are just so determined to get where you are going. I can't wait to see it on the soccer field next month.
* Super Brother: This was the biggest change for you this year. And boy, did you take it on like a champ. You love Liam so much, and you love being brothers. You tell me all the time "mom, we're brothers!" You love to play with Liam, help us do things for him, and just be around him. I can't wait to see your relationship develop over the years - you love him so much! And I know soon he'll be able to give you that back.
* Super Son: We couldn't ask for a more amazing little boy to be our son. We love you more than you will ever, ever know and are looking forward to another wonderful year of adventures together!!

Now for a little birthday re-cap for you. On Saturday we celebrated as a family.
Making your birthday animal shaped waffles
Wearing your Super Landon cape and examining your "Super Duper Computer"
We found the super letters!! It spelled CAKE!
Speaking of cake ... check that out!! You have the coolest aunt and uncle around.
Presents from mom & dad!
Opening your loot!
We think you were confused about where you should have been looking :)
A close up of that cake!!
You love to be sung to and blow out the candles ... we did it three times!
Then today you, mom and Liam headed to the aquarium. Then we met up with dad for lunch at "Mic-a-Donalds" (as you call it!). So fun!! 


 We love you buddy!! Happy third birthday!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Race car jammies

Race car jammies and stories in the morning make me smile :)!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Thirty-three years ago today you were born ... and the world became that much better of a place. Which is why, even though you hate having things be all about you, I love to celebrate your birthday - and you. 

I love so many things about you - your handsome face, your dry, sarcastic sense of humor that can always make me laugh, your desire to help other people - especially me, your ability to be the strong one. I could go on and on ... but what I love most about you is how much you love us. You are the best husband and daddy, and we love you so much for it!!
Happy birthday, babe!