Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Year In Review: 2014

Here it is the middle of January and we've passed Thanksgiving, a myriad of holiday festivities, Christmas, New Years and my baby turning 2 and I'm just now getting around to writing about it? 

This past year was quite the year for us. I think we could sum it up in one word: busy! In mostly good ways, but in some not-so-great ways as well. Looking back I think we kept ourselves almost too busy, if that makes sense. 

We had a LOT of fun ... the kids birthdays, Jeff starting at Young Living, Landon playing soccer and graduating from Joy School, a trip to California and to Jackson Hole, and our little Liam learning to walk and run (and sing along to Taylor Swift ... it's beyond cute!). A lot of time on our new play set, throwing BBQs, buying bikes, and going to the local pools and museums.

Fall is when life seemed to trip ahead faster than we could keep our feet underneath us. Jeff and I took a trip to celebrate our ninth anniversary to San Francisco, work was busier for both of us than it's ever been in our entire marriage and then suddenly the holidays were upon us. 

We had a fun "pre-Thanksgiving" with Jeff's parents when they came in town to visit on a temple-break (they are missionaries in the Nauvoo Temple Mission), and met a super cute new nephew Bridger. 

Then we had Thanksgiving at my parents house - and saw Big Hero 6, which we thought was super cute. The boys LOVED Baymax (or as Liam says "AAAMAX!"). 

I love the Christmas season - it is always one of my favorite times of year. From decorating the house (is there anything as wonderful as a house fully decked out?!), to the sights and smells to the excitement and wonderment of watching kids experience it. 

Those smiles!!
One of the best parts of Christmas is the cards! I have an inexplicable love of holiday cards. I love putting time and thought into what we send out ... and I LOVE getting cards in the mail. This year's cards might be my all-time favorite though. (A shout out to my friends Kristen at Sage Digital Designs who did the design and Kelli Haub who was our photographer!!)


Landon was so fun this year - he really got it - both the religious reason we celebrate the season as well as the fun "Santa" parts. And his preschool Christmas program and the Primary Program were to-die-for cute. He loves to sing really, really loud. Really loud :)!

Right before his Preschool Show
Liam warmed up to Santa ... which shocked us, and was so cute in his excitement! He is starting to get it ... although his favorite character from the nativity is still the donkey (who, arguably, did play a very important role!). 

We had the opportunity to go to a lovely formal dinner party (it makes my heart happy to think of that night ... getting all dressed up to spend the evening with my main squeeze and dear friends), and had some friends over for a fun "kid-friendly" party. 

The best night of all though had to be the night just the four of us went to the Riverwoods in Provo. They have a fantastic Santa house (where you can take your own pic!), carriage rides, and beautiful lights. It wasn't busy and we got to just enjoy the magic of Christmas, and some pasta, as a family. It was wonderful!
Landon's first letter to Santa - written
completely by himself! So cute! He
asked if he is on the "nice" list!

Liam writing one too!


Love them!
I look back on the whole "season" and it seems like a blur in some ways - we packed it with fun! I was surprised Jeff and I were able to squeeze in going to Temple Square on our special date, but true to form, he made it happen :).  

We've done this 10 years now ... 10!
This year, we started what I hope will be an annual tradition. On Christmas Eve morning we went to the Bishop's Storehouse and volunteered. The kids thought it was really fun, and I hope that each year we can spend time doing something that serves others to help remember Christ.

Santa's Little Helpers
Then we spent time at Grandma & Grandpas for dinner and stories and then back to our house to open our "Christmas Eve Box" (jammies, a movie, slippers and a new Christmas story - this year about Pete the Cat).

Christmas jammies from Grandma & Grandpa

Santa, mom & dad and
grandma & grandpa all came!
The best part?! Christmas morning we woke up to lovely snow and rosy cheeked children bursting with excitement!

My parents spent the night to spend Christmas morning at our house and we hosted dinner - the kids loved it! Liam got a little overwhelmed so we snuck a couple of presents into the other room and gave them to him later. Funny enough, Landon was the same way at this age, and spreading it out a bit helped. 

While Landon loved the toys he got, hands down his favorite present was his Cardinals jersey. There are major negotiations daily about whether or not he can wear it every day. Liam's favorite seems to be his puppy vet kit and his shopping cart from Grandma & Grandpa. Although he also got a jersey and seems to have already developed a love for football as well. How on earth that starts so young I don't know ... but boy, those two LOVE IT (which, I really think is super cute, and Jeff loves having people to watch games with!).

Christmas Morning excitement!

All decked out!

So cute!
New Years was spent with great friends eating Chinese food and ringing in the "New Year" around 9 pm ... but the kids were thrilled with their noisemakers and getting to stay up "so late!"

And now here we are ... 2015. I can feel it in my bones that it will be a different year. But good. And I'm excited! We have a little bitty who has already turned 2 this year ... but that simply must be its own post, celebrating the amazing person he is! 

Hope your holidays were wonderful ... and happy (belated!) New Year from the Terry Clan!
Happy New Year from the Terry's!