Thursday, September 19, 2013

Liam is Eight Months! (And got his first hair cut!)

Liam is eight months old this week! We can't imagine even a second without this sweet guy!! He is the sweetest, most loving baby. 
Look at that face!!

A few things about him right now: He gives the most enthusiastic kisses - they just melt my heart! He can make the "kissy" noise and loves when you make it back. But if you actually ask him for a kiss? He will grab right on to your face/hair and give you a big ol' wet one! It can't help but make your day!

He loves to be held and involved in everything all the time ... and if he isn't he will let you know! The way he "complains" is so funny, he makes a "griping" noise like he is talking continually until someone pays attention to his request. But all it takes to get the biggest smile from him is to look right at him and grin ... and you are instantly rewarded with the biggest smile back! LOVE!

As much as he wants to be a big kid like Landon (and is always reaching for things) he still isn't trying to crawl - he's just happy to sit and be adorable. Landon can get the biggest belly laughs from him! He really, really loves his big brother.

He LOVES to eat (obviously) and wants to try new things all the time. He really loves baby food (sweet potatoes and apples are his fave), his baby "puffs," ice cream (I know, I know ...) and watermelon. But he is definitely willing to try just about anything!! 

And my favorite thing? This kid is a mamma's boy! A lot of the time all he wants and needs is me. I'll take it in a heartbeat! I love it!! However, I keep trying to get him to say "mama." His response to me today in the car when we were driving? Him practicing his "da" noise over and over! 

This week we were getting hair cuts (family pictures are just around the corner!). I kept not wanting to get Liam's cut. It needed it, but he's so little still! But we decided to at the last minute. He did great - and loved all the attention. He has a thing for red heads, so he loved that Jeff's cousin, who was cutting it, has beautiful red hair. The one thing I wouldn't let get cut, though, was his little bitty hair curls. They are just behind his ears and too cute for words.
Mid-cut. He thought the whole thing was pretty fun!
All finished ... and so handsome!
That curl! You wouldn't have cut it either.
 He's getting too big too fast!! We sure love him!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Landon's First Day of Joy School!

Dear Landon,

Today you started Joy School. I know some people would say “it’s just Joy School.” You have 1 more year of pre-school even before kindergarten. But, wow, it feels HUGE to me. You just seem too little, and much too big all at the same time. I can’t believe you are already three and a half. 

I am (and really I should say we – because your daddy feels the same way) ridiculously proud of how smart, bright, funny and wonderful you are. You surprise us every day with the things you remember and with your immense vocabulary. People have stopped us since you were born to tell us how adorable you are, and to this day it happens all the time. And we agree – you are really a beautiful boy – inside and out. 

You have the biggest heart – you love so completely. What a gift to have – I love it and hurt for you all at the same time. You will give and get great love, but it also means you can get hurt. And as your mommy I want to protect you from everything! Sometimes when I have to hold a boundary with you seeing the look on your face breaks my heart. I might look stoic, but inside I am just crumbling.  And while sharing is hard for you, you LOVE having friends and are so social. And my favorite? You love to snuggle. You will still just climb on my lap and stay there for a long time. I would keep you there forever. 

You sat so still while Daddy gave you a blessing last night. You listened because you immediately started talking about the Holy Ghost and had to go get your “Really Ghost Jar” from your room to hold. I hope you always remember those feelings, even before you completely understand them. When we went in to put you to bed, and you chose “Love you Forever” as your story, and miraculously I held it together while we read it, but I couldn’t have said it any better – I will love you forever, and you will always be my baby. 

We asked you what you want to be when you grow up. You said Sully (the large blue and purple monster from Monsters, Inc.). Daddy then re-explained the question (just in case you didn’t understand) and you answered the same thing. You think that being Sully is completely reasonable thing to grow up to be and that’s what you’ll do when you go into an office like Daddy. In fact you said: “I will be Sully and I will scare the people in your office.” Your serious look is one of my very favorites. And really, who are we to argue? You want to be Sully? Dream big, my friend … we will support you no matter what your dreams are and where they take you. 

I’ll miss you while you’re gone. You are my little buddy and helper! I know it’s (logically) only six hours a week you’ll be gone. But logic simply doesn’t matter. It is six hours without you. I’ll miss you. And so will Liam (oh how he’ll miss you!). But I know you’re ready for something and that you’ll love it and thrive.

When we came home from your Joy School open house last week you had learned the first couple of lines to the song. And the next day, without any other practice, you sang everything you learned (only in your version the joy starts in your heart then squiggles through your hair :)! So, so cute!) See – you are ready! 

This morning I could tell you were a little nervous because you wanted to hold on to bear, even for some of your pictures. And it made my heart hurt a little – it was a clear reminder of how little you really are. You held him the whole drive over while you talked to daddy (he called you to say good luck of course!), we listened to your Joy School CD, and then talked a little bit (while I tried to pretend I wasn’t crying). But when we got there? You gave bear a kiss and left him in the car and jumped out!
You are really proud of your red shoes - you wanted some so bad!

You were SO excited to see your friends and happily let me take a few more pictures while you got settled. You’ve always been a bit sad when you get dropped off someplace, so daddy and I were worried about how that part would go. But we didn’t need to – you came and gave Liam and me a big kiss and then you were off! You are so lucky to have Miss Stepper this year. And I’ll be honest – I think she’s lucky to have you too!
You and your friend Eisley!
Ready to go in!

You and Miss Stepper!

In your classroom!
I cried the whole way home. But then when I sat down to write this, I was ok, because I know that you are ready for this. We hope you love learning! And that you discover what makes you tick. We love you more than anything!  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Eight Years to Us!

I'm interrupting my month-plus long (unplanned) blogging hiatus to bring you this today ... it's our eighth anniversary! And that deserves a blog post (technically so do some other things from this summer, but that will just have to wait).

We can't believe it's been eight years. Sometimes I look at our wedding picture and think - that was just yesterday! And other times I think ... wow, who were those kids?  We decided to celebrate on Saturday since it's easier to get a sitter when it isn't a school night, and had so much fun! We had a big breakfast and took the kids to see Turbo. Then we scooted out the door late afternoon by ourselves for a night on the town.

Jeff started the day off right with two(!)
bouquets of flowers!
We ate dinner (al fresco ... who doesn't love that when downtown?!), and then walked around temple square. It was as beautiful as ever, and I love seeing the newlyweds there. It reminds us both of that special day! We also walked around City Creek (okay, and shopped!) and then back by the Lion House (where we had our reception) late that night. Naturally no night is complete without dessert ... and we had a Waffle Love craving and tracked them down to Highland :)! It was totally worth the hour (yes HOUR!) long wait for that waffle. 

Dinner ... love sitting outside!

What a beautiful place to get married!
Just us...
It's funny, because to some people that probably doesn't sound like we did that much, but it's so ... us. We spent the whole time holding hands and laughing like we'd just started dating (you know, when everything the other person says is charming and funny :)!) And if there is such a thing as a perfect way to celebrate it's just being us - so we both loved every minute of it. 

We always try to reflect a little on the year that has just passed and the year to come. Within the last year we moved (just a week before our 7th anniversary) and had Liam. Wow - what a year! It's been a big journey to really learn how to become a family of four, as well as become part of a new area. We've learned a lot from both - about each other and from each other. 

We're looking forward to a lot this year also. Hopefully (*fingers crossed*) to the selling of our town home, continuing to settling in and decorating this home, making new friends and just enjoying every second of being this little family we are. Life seems to get busier by the second, and sometimes it's hard to remember why all we live this chaotic life. Then we look at who is beside us and remember that all the crazy is worth it. That there is no one we'd rather be with through it all. 

So, happy eight years to us!!

We walked out of here 8 years ago after our reception
and rode off in a horse-drawn buggy!