Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Furniture!

If you know me you know I LOVE to decorate. I love to shop around and have that A-HA moment when I find just what I was looking for. That happened last week! We had talked about buying some new furniture for a while since we were lacking enough seating for guests ... and Jeff kept dropping hints about getting a new TV. So we decided that we should start looking around more seriously - thinking it would take months for me to find what I wanted. Instead I found exactly what I was looking for! Yay!

Here is our new couch!

And love seat!

I LOVE all the pillows because they are so fun! Don't worry ... they all come off, so you can make it as wide or narrow as is comfortable ... which was Jeff's only request :)!

Speaking of Jeff ... this couldn't be a purchase just for me .... Nope. This needed to be a his and hers sort of thing. You have seen mine ... this is what Jeff picked out:

I tried to take a picture of all of its HD glory ... but I had to settle on stationary figures!

We are very excited ... so come on by to take a look :)!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrating the Love

Love month love: Families ...

After all - what would love month be without families? They help you out, they love you, and support you ... even if you're being unlovable or your ideas are crazy. They open their homes and hearts. They throw parties to celebrate and watch your dog when you are going out of town. They really make the world go 'round.

This weekend we had a great time celebrating this love-day. We went down to St. George to see Jeff's family. We had a great time catching up on all the latest with them ... and even had a Valentine's party! As always we come away knowing we are loved and missed (since we are ones that live far away) and that we have extraordinarily talented and adorable nieces and nephews.

And then we got to come home to my family so kindly watching Ellie for us even though they had a fun-filled weekend planned for themselves. And quickly making plans for other activities with them. Aren't we lucky?

And to top off the luck ... Jeff and I spent Valentine's at an adorable Bed & Breakfast in St. George. If you ever have the chance ... stay here! It is called the Green Gate Village - a collection of seven historic homes restored onto one quaint "village" square. It was love at first site! The Innkeepers were so thoughtful ... and the breakfast delicious. A little R & R away time was just what we needed to re-connect and celebrate how blessed we are to have each other.

Here is a picture of "our house":

Jeff has great taste huh?! Hope your Love Day was happy and full of people to care about!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Best Part of Love Month


He's the best part of everything. But especially at this love-month time of year ... he's the best reason to have such a holiday. I can't even describe what a wonderful husband he is. Jeff is sweet, kind, generous, thoughtful and can always make me laugh. He always knows how to make me feel special ... and he tells me how much he loves me every day.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love romantic comedy movies. Not only does he take me to them ... but being married to him is SO MUCH BETTER than any movie.

I'm pretty lucky ... and I know it.

I love you babe! Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Month Part II

This one's for the girls!!

I love having girlfriends. Really great, strong women that make life more fun and give support when needed. I didn't always like having friends that were girls. High school is so catty that I was dreading having female roommates. But my wonderful roommates changed my mind on that! And so many girls since then ...

I love that they understand fat days and an insatiable need for chocolate. They are thoughtful. They love cheesy chick flicks. They listen and give advice that only another women can give. They want to share their good news with you ... and want to hear yours. On the flip side, they provide a shoulder to cry on when you need one. They encourage you to be strong and brave ... and at the same time not be afraid to be a girly-girl.

To all of my wonderful girlfriends ... thank you! I love you lots!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Month

In honor of this being LOVE month ... I'm going to talk about different things I love :)! Since I don't hold any particular affinity for Valentine's Day** in general I will try to keep them light-hearted ... and non-mushy.

Love of the moment? ZUMBA!

I hate to sweat ... I can't even tell you how much ... and I spend a lot of my life thinking of ways to avoid doing it. But I LOVE Zumba! It's truly invigorating. For those of you who haven't heard about it - it is a class that is taking gyms all over the nation by storm. It's a cardio work-out that revolves around Latin-inspired dancing.

Our teacher is crazy ... and amazing. She's constantly yelling to pump us up more and encouraging us to "shake it!" (You can also imagine that a room full of sweaty women getting their groove on draws quite the audience ... if you are part of that audience stop!) Five minutes in and I am sweating profusely ... you don't even want to imagine what I look like by the time the hour is up ... but weirdly enough, I am still smiling. I go home exhausted, but completely invigorated and find my self bopping around my house. I actually plan my week around these classes (a bit pathetic ... but it's that fun)

If you haven't tried it - it's a must! You'll feel AMAZING!

And that is my love spotlight for today!

**I don't really get majorly into Valentine's Day because I'm a big believer that love should be shown all year and in lots of ways ... not just once per year with cheesiness and expensive roses