Friday, June 28, 2013

Mommy Monday through Friendly Friday...

Last week we had an activity where someone gave ideas on how to keep your kiddos entertained for the summer. I love schedules and themes so this was definitely right up my ally! We've been trying it out this week and have loved it! I wrote something down for each day on Sunday night and it gives us at least one thing to do each day that gets us all involved, etc.

Mommy Monday: This day is a mom's choice day. At our house it is also the day I work the most. So some Mondays might be a lot of playing with Miss Kailee (their sitter), but this Monday I had a book I needed to get from the library so that's what I chose to have us do. Landon has loved the library for a long time... but now Liam is into it too. He didn't even mind when I interrupted his "serious" reading time to make him smile for me. Such a cutie!

Trip Tuesday: We decided to take a trip to the biggest (I think) park in our neighborhood - Eagle Summit Park. It's a fun one, and Landon got to bring a friend, which he loved. And Liam loved the swings!

Wet n' Wild Wednesdays: We went to the new Springville Splashpad with my mom and some friends... and I totally forgot to take a picture! It's a cute splashpad though!! When we got home Liam was SO hot from his car seat despite the AC being on full blast that he had to spend the rest of the afternoon like this (don't you just want to squeeze him?!):

Thrifty Thursdays: Landon had his art class - which is free! And then friends in our ward invited us to go to the Highland Splashpad (also a super awesome one) so we spent a couple of hours there also. It was a fun, but very busy day! And HOT out!

Friendly Friday: Normally this is supposed to be a day where they get to have a friend over/go somewhere with a friend. But we had friends three days this week, so I decided that I was going to be the friend today. We've read stories, watched The Lorax, Landon helped me gather up some things for Sharing Time in Primary and then we made a bubble maker (also an idea from that same activity!) to play with outside. It was a hit for about 5 minutes until he decided that the water would be better used to give his (pretend) snake a bath and then to scoop out the rest with his tractors, while Liam and I watched in the shade and played with blocks. 

It's been a busy, but fun week around here! How do you keep your kids busy? I'd love ideas for our schedule next week ... and if you'd like a copy of this "plan" to print for your house send me your email address and I'll pass it along!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

On Lone Rangers ... and Sleeping Itty-Bitties

A few weeks ago we were out shopping and Landon found a fedora. That he had to have. We thought it was so funny and cute that we let him get it (plus, it was on sale). I assumed he wanted it because we have a little friend who also has one. 


After that he wanted to wear it all the time. And when he was wearing it I would hear him say things like "ye-haw" and "I'm like Woody, mom!"

It finally occurred to me why ... he thinks it is a cowboy hat. 

And I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise because let's be honest, that's just about the cutest thing ever.

So today when he wanted to wear it "because it's to wear to ride ponies, mom!" I went with it. (We were not, in fact, riding any ponies today, but that was of no consequence).

And isn't he just about the cutest lone ranger you can imagine? He was watching the very awesome construction going on in our cul-de-sac.
Then later we were at a friend's house for a lunch play date. And this sweet itty-bitty couldn't handle all the excitement and did this:
 He doesn't fall asleep on me very often, so it made me melt. Wouldn't you? 
Those cheeks! And his little fist. Why don't they stay this size forever?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Naughty Words

It's begun. Landon has become a little sponge ... with a much larger vocabulary than I imagined would be possible at three.

Which means ... we now have to really watch what is said around him because you never know where three-year-old ears are lurking or listening :)!

A few weeks ago he used the word "shut-up," which is generally used as a joke between Jeff and I. But Landon understood how to use it ... and use it he did. We explained that it isn't a nice word to say to people and talked about not saying it.

But he kept using it.

Finally, exasperated I told him again, we don't say shut-up. His clarifying question back?

"We don't say shut-up like Daddy?" 

Busted :)!

It was hard to keep a straight face while I explained that none of us is supposed to say it, even Daddy. I only had to hold it together until I could get away from Landon long enough to call Jeff with the story ... then I busted up laughing. 

But last night it came full circle. We were all in the car and Jeff was teasing me about something. I jokingly said "Shut-up!" and Landon (who we didn't know was listening) immediately piped up from the back seat "We don't say shut-up mom! That's not a nice word!"

Busted. You should have seen the smirk on Jeff's face. 

I apologized. But that wasn't good enough for Landon who then proceeded to tell me ...

"Mom, I'm angry you sayed* shut-up." At which time I was clearly expected to apologize again.

Sometimes a listening, and articulate three-year-old are a deadly combo.

As another example I said something was funky today. A word as new and fun sounding as that one needed to be repeated ... 

A word to the wise. Just don't say "funky" around your three-year-old. No matter how well they seem to articulate in general. It just doesn't come out quite like it should and could potentially be misunderstood

*Landon's version of the past-tense of the word "say"

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Few Firsts ... and a bit of a catch up!

Last weekend we went to visit friends in Roosevelt. It was a super fun trip (Roosevelt, you should know, is a happening place. Or maybe we just have really cool friends. Probably the latter.) While there we had a couple fun firsts, so I must share ...

Liam rolled over (so essentially right at four and a half months)! I'm certain he has no idea how it happened or how to do it again, but it was fun to watch him. He looked totally confused for a split second and then just started hanging out on his belly instead like it was no big deal. Needless to say, it hasn't happened since.

While we were in Roosevelt we went to a reservoir up Starvation Canyon and Landon went fishing for the first time! He has been asking to go ever since my trip to St. George with the boys. Uncle Phil has a fishing boat and was gone fishing the first day we arrived (to a little boy that is just too cool). That combined with the characters in Dinosaur Train fishing made him really want to go. So he and Jeff went and picked out a Lightning McQueen fishing pole and we were all set.  

He LOVED it! He was happy to sit there and practice casting for the longest time. His friend Kaylee has a Barbie fishing pole ... it was quite the adorable site to see the two of them together. I'm thinking arranged marriage should come back and we can get these two fishing for the rest of their lives together!

The funniest part of the experience had to be when Jeff tied the little rubber tire on the end (that comes with it for them to practice with), then he cast it out on the shore just to show Landon. Landon spotted that tire and was thrilled (they caught something!), then as Jeff reeled it in Landon chased it like a cat saying "I gonna get you!" ... until it was reeled all the way in and he exclaimed "I got you!" as if that wasn't inevitable. So funny :)! Uncle Phil - you have a new fishing buddy next time we come visit!

Then when we got home we decided to feed Liam solids. He kept acting like he was starving all the time (which, if you've seen pictures, that is clearly not the case). We started with cereal ... and he did pretty darn good. How is he big enough to sit in the high chair? Sigh.

He actually got irritated it was taking so long to get something in his mouth. Yep. He's definitely our baby :)
See those tears? Silly mommy ... don't take so long!

The next morning I also gave him a sippy cup (with formula in it). It has both a textured bottle top and sippy top. He did ok with both. He knows exactly where it is supposed to go, but he's still working on the coordination to get it there. He's very pleased when he's successful, but hasn't gotten down the tipping it part. Then we tried some sweet potatoes ... and those were a hit too! I'm thinking he just likes to eat. The solids have worked wonders though and he's slept in since starting them!

We recently bought the Thanksgiving Point membership and love it so far. We went to Farm Country with friends this morning and Landon took his first pony ride! What a cute place!
Liam was a bit confused by the wagon ride

Landon and his cute friends! After we got home he was so naughty
I wish I could have left him in jail :)

My two cuties are growing up too fast ... but they sure are fun!