Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

I can't even describe how much I love Christmas - it really is the best time of year. Especially with kids - it's just so magical. This year was no exception. From sitting on Santa's lap, to making cookies and opening presents it's wonderful to share that as a family.

We started the season off with a visit to the Big Guy.
Both of them asked for a car they could drive
and PAW Patrol toys.

The magic of the Christmas Tree - one of my favorite things!

Our annual trip to see the lights together just
the two of us - one of my favorite traditions!
For the record - this is our 11th time going!
Making cookies!

Landon's Christmas program and class party were so much fun!
 Kindergarten is the best!
Mom and dad took a break and went to the Las Vegas
Bowl ... where sadly the Cougars lost, but it was fun!

Love it when we have a white Christmas!
And they never tire of playing in the snow!!
Last year we started a new tradition of doing a service project on Christmas Eve. This year we did "Blessing Bags" for the homeless. The boys got really into it and helped pick everything and put them together. We hope they learn that Christmas isn't just about the toys. 

Christmas Eve tradition: Service Project
This year we did "Blessing Bags" for the homeless.
I love that they took it seriously. They helped pick
everything, and assemble them.
Cookies for Santa!
Letters to Santa!
All of us in front of the tree!
Christmas Eve jammies at Grandma's house.
Everyone was thrilled with their presents - the boys have had fun with PAW Patrol toys, Magformers, the Millennium Falcon, some new games and books, BB8 (from Star Wars) and their new Dune Buggy!

They got their car! (And the PAW Patrol toys.
I love it when Santa gets it just right!)

We finally made it to Temple Square as a family a few
days after Christmas. Love this silly clan of mine!
It's over for another year, which makes me sad, but I'm grateful for the wonderful memories, for the Savior's birth, and for the family I got to spend the holiday with. On to a fabulous 2016!


Thanksgiving was so fun this year! We were in St. George with the Terry side. Basically we didn't see the boys at all that day - they were so busy having fun with their cousins! We have so much to be grateful for - I love having a day to celebrate that!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big Kid Room

The milestones just keep rolling in around here! Liam is officially in his big kid bed. We might have drug our feet a little on this one since he has been asking since mid-summer when he can sleep in his "big kid bed." 

My dad helped us hang wainscoting and the grey and orange decor we went with is perfect for Liam's personality. He's done a great job with the transition. He wandered just a bit at first - one night I found him climbing in to bed with Landon. I worried we might have a sleep walker on our hands, but when I asked him about it the next morning he said "yeah, you stopped me and carried me back to my bed!" Apparently he just wanted a snuggle! 

Last night in his baby bed!

So big!
I love how it turned out, but again, just want to shout - STAY LITTLE!

Lost Teeth

Landon has officially lost his first two teeth! They came out within a couple of days of each other, and his "new" smile is just too cute! 

The Tooth Fairy brought him a new toothbrush for the first one and a few little cars for the second. He was SO excited to lose them he didn't even mind that it hurt a little. 

We love that he gets so excited for new "milestones" even though we'd keep him little forever!! But, since we can't - permanent teeth - here we come!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Halloween brought all of the fun fall traditions we love - the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving and of course trick or treating! This year we had a storm trooper (Landon) and Spiderman (Liam). Such cute trick or treaters!!


This fall Jeff had a conference that just happened to be a mile away from Disney Land. We took it as a sign that we HAD to go. Our boys were SO EXCITED! 

We went to Disney Land, California Adventure, the beach and Sea World. And while Jeff was at his conference the boys and I entertained ourselves at a local zoo, the park and the pool. It was so much fun! The family favorite was Disney Land and our favorite rides were the Buzz Lightyear Ride where we shot lasers at the bad guys, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Toon Town roller-coaster. At California Adventure we loved Cars Land and Bugs Land best of all (and mom and dad loved California Screamin'!).

Disney Land:

California Adventure: 

Zoo/Pool Day:

Beach Day:

Sea World:

We always said we wait until the kids were a little older to have the Disney experience, but now we are so glad we took advantage of Jeff's conference and went - it was so fun, and so magical! We can't wait to go back!