Friday, July 27, 2012

A Landon Review

Allow me to indulge a little. I want to blog a few things that Landon does lately that I simply don't ever want to forget.

* Listening to him read to himself is the cutest thing in the whole world. I often find him engrossed in a book he has memorized (he doesn't make stories up, he has a LOT of books memorized). He will read them to himself over and over using the same inflection we do when we read to him. So, so precious!
* He says "swimming soup" instead of swimming suit. And when he asks to go swimming he makes the arm motions as he does it. You know, just in case we aren't sure what he is meaning :)!
* If you ask him to count to 10 on demand he generally won't do it. But if you are just listening while he is busy he will rattle it off like it is no big deal. 
* Landon LOVES to negotiate already (heaven help us!), but it is so stinking funny. He always asks "play trains (or cars) five minutes?" But he says "minutes" like "meeeenuts" and always while holding up just one finger. 
* He loves the water and the splash pad. And has absolutely no fear. It's almost scary.
* He has also discovered that he can climb ladders on the playground and is becoming quite fearless there. I like that. I want him to be confident in his own abilities and brave enough to try new things. Sometimes I'm biting my fingers behind him so he can't see how nervous I am ... and when he makes eye contact I act as brave as he is (even though I just want to swoop in and protect him).
* He loves nursery!! It was a really, really long time coming, but he's on a roll now. As soon as anything happens in Sacrament meeting he says "nursery!" Unfortunately this begins as soon as the opening prayer is finished :)
* He has become a master stall-er. Seriously. He could drag out anything ... forever if we let him!
* He is obsessed with babies. He glows with pride when he is able to hold or touch one (and he tries so hard to be soft!). I'm hopeful he will love being a big brother. I think the baby enchantment will wear off quickly once a baby is a permanent fixture in our house, but I am still hopeful that there will be a lot of love there.
 * I asked Landon a few days ago if he thought we wanted us to have a boy-baby or a girl-baby and he looked at me, pointed at my stomach and said "that one." That's how Jeff and I feel too, so I loved his answer!!
* His current obsession is "fast race cars!" and he says it in his best low-masculine-race-car -driver voice. 
* At any given point there are several of said "fast race cars" everywhere in our house. Generally they can be found in our bathroom, Landon's bathroom, his bedroom, underneath the kitchen table, the living room (lined up for the next big race), our car, and parked in the pantry.   

We have so much fun with him and feel so lucky to have him part of our family!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

True Love

Life has been a whirlwind since we returned home from Iowa last Sunday. Plus we made a big announcement :)! However, this is something I have been wanting to write about, so forgive me that it has taken me a while.

We had a great visit - time spent with my family is priceless indeed. And they all take such delight in Landon. I'm very close to my grandma (mom's mom) so it was SO nice to see her!!

As many of you know my grandpa (dad's dad) has been having heart trouble and his Alzheimer's is getting pretty severe. This makes me so sad! He was telling us a lot of stories about WWII while we were there - I think because so much of that time is very vivid for him. 

While we were looking through some his things he found a picture of him and my grandma together. She passed away when I was 14. He has since remarried a lovely lady. But he and my grandma were married for 50 years before she passed away. A man doesn't forget that. 

He kept showing us the picture of them over and over again (he sometimes gets in a bit of a loop). My dad was still looking through his WWII right next to him - and exclaiming over his uniform, insignia and accolades and said "this is so cool!" (Which it is! Have you ever seen an authentic uniform not in a museum? Or a war hero's honor?!) 

And you know what my grandpa said back? He held up the picture of he and my grandma again and said, "Well, I think this is cool."

Me too, grandpa, me too. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Prep Work and Dancing in the Rain

My grandpa is having some health problems and isn't doing well. We decided as a family to go back to see him and my grandma (and other family members!) in Iowa. Tomorrow! Needless to say the last two days have been filled with all kinds of prep work. 

I am looking forward to and dreading the trip in equal parts. I haven't seen my grandparents in a year and Landon has changed so much - so I am so excited to see them! And my little sister is coming back with us. (All the good stuff!) However, it is a 24-hour-drive. With a 2 year old. And Jeff isn't coming (new job a month and a half ago!). So you understand why so much prep (and stress!) is going into this in a really short amount of time!  

But amidst all that there have been some serious blessings involved. We had yesterday to spend with Jeff since we'll miss him next week and weekend. This morning I had a friend volunteer to have Landon come play so I could get some things done quickly (hair cut, library and the store all in less than an hour and a half!), and it seems like time has slowed down today so that I could accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. 

And on top of all that? It rained! Normally I love the sunshine best, but lately it feels like Utah is burning up. This was much needed and very prayed for. 

And apparently Landon LOVES the rain! The second it started drizzling this morning he ran out back to dance in it :)! The harder it gets the more he loves it. After getting soaked at one point he came in and I put his clothes in the dryer. Then he brought me his swim suit! I couldn't resist and changed him so he played outside with the neighbors completely soaked :)!