Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Little Pirate Turns FOUR!


How are you FOUR already?! My gosh - it seems like just yesterday you changed our lives by making us your mommy and daddy. I have a feeling I'll be still saying that that when you are fourteen and twenty four also though ... 
Presents from mom & dad on your actual birthday!
You are just delightful! You are smart, and funny and so articulate (and talkative!). People stop to tell us all the time that they are so surprised you are barely just four. You have the cutest grin and an infectious laughter. You make us laugh all the time with the things you say and do ... sometimes you are trying to be funny (just like your daddy) and sometimes you aren't, but you end up making us laugh anyways.

You LOVE Joy School and have learned so much this year. And Miss Stepper says you are her best singer! You are already starting to sound words out (always eager to grow up!), and you are curious about everything around you. You keep us on our toes - that's for sure!

I think the thing that amazes me and humbles me the most is your natural curiosity about the gospel. You love Primary (and have awesome Sunbeam teachers), and have learned so many Primary songs - it's your favorite CD to listen to in the car. You ask us really good questions and remember the answers! You teach us new things every day. 

You are such a great example to Liam! He ADORES you so much ... and watching you two play is like watching two little tiger cubs. It's a crack up :)! We love it and pray you are always so close. My very favorite is when you read together, or when you are "helping" him say the prayer. What a great brother you are!

You are about to start another season of soccer, you're learning to ride your scooter, and you've made SO many new friends this year! We can't wait to see what adventures this year will bring us.

Landon, we lived it up on your fourth birthday! You went to Joy School, where you had a party and treats, then we went to the dinosaur museum (your favorite!). That night you chose to have dinner at McDonald's (or Mic-a-donalds as you call it!) and then you opened up your presents from us.

We always told you that when you turn four you could have your first "friend" party! You chose to have a "Jake and the Never-Land Pirates" party. It was too cute!! 

When you guests arrived they got pirate bandannas and decorated swords. Then we had a pirate treasure hunt (your daddy spent a LONG time on that cool map!) complete with a treasure-chest pinata. 

After that we sang, and had cupcakes (courtesy of Aunt Ale, who was a tireless helper) and opened presents. Your little friends were very generous to you! And then we finished off by watching "Jake" in the theater room, and sending everyone home with "pirate's booty." 

We were tired when it finished, but what a FUN time!! It was so fun to see you in your element - you are a social butterfly and LOVE having friends and family over!! Mom, dad and Liam got you lots of  "Jake" toys, and Grandma and Grandpa got you a scooter!

We love you more than you'll ever know! Thank you for the best four years ... here's to LOTS MORE FUN!!


Mom, Dad & Liam

Now for the pictures!! 

Your adorable party invites!
Our little family!
Landon - age 4, Liam - age 14 months
Cutest pirate - EVER!

Unless, maybe when there are TWO pirates!

Making your swords

Treasure hunt success (please note the X marking the
spot! And that awesome map by dad!)

Your cute friends!