Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to St. George

This last weekend we went down to St. George with our friends Scott and Jacqueline. It was Scott's birthday, so Jacqueline planned a little golf getaway for him ... and invited us to come along! It was fun because we also got to see the fam and Landon got to meet some of his cousins he hadn't met yet.

We did a lot of fun stuff. The boys went golfing (well, the boys minus Landon, who is still just a bit young for the course) twice on Friday, while Jacqueline and I went shopping. Then we all went swimming. It was Landon's first time ... so naturally that called for a lot of pictures :)! He actually took a nap in the shade for most of the time. Apparently just putting on his swimsuit wore him out. But his brief stint in the water went pretty well ... for about 10 minutes. Then he was done. So cute though!

Here he is napping:
A closeup ... just cause he looked so cute:
All of us in the water (is he tasting the sunshine?):
That night we had a BBQ with some of the cousins ... they sure loved each other!
On Saturday we slept in and then went out to the Tuacahn market.

Here Landon and Jeff fell back asleep while snuggling ... I had to take a picture I thought it was so cute.
On the drive there Landon really wanted to take a nap, but found Jacqueline sitting next to him quite distracting ... hence the look :)
Here we are modeling the newest show playing at Tuacahn for the summer ... what I want to know is why is Tarzan and Jane's kid a gorilla and not a baby?
Jacqueline and Scott modeling their other production ... CatsThat afternoon Jeff and Scott sent us to get pedicures ... a favorite of both of us. And then we all went out that night to the Texas Roadhouse and to see Date Night (super funny!).

And just for good measure here is a cute picture of Landon and Grandma Terry

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Force

We just got back from a fun weekend in St. George! I will blog all about it tomorrow (or the next day :)!) but in the mean time I realized it's been a few days ... so I thought I would post something quick.

We have a friend who lives in NYC ... we feel very cool actually knowing someone who lives there. When she found out I was pregnant she bought Landon a NYPD onsie. Folks, this is authentic ... the NYPD doesn't mess around - they are serious business, and I think Landon looks like he means business too ...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Month Stats

Landon had his two month appointment yesterday - he was so brave when he had to get his shots! So here are the stats from his appointment (I don't actually know what the percentiles mean ... can anyone explain that to me?!):

Head: 25%
Height: 22.8 inches - 50%
Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz - 75%

So he has gained weight in the last week and a half ... but it has slowed down a bit :)

He is officially wearing 3-6 months clothes now ... we are very into plaid this year :). What a doll!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Landon's Top 10

I have had a few requests lately for more Landon pictures for a few family members who aren't local or around this summer. So, I decided to give you a list of Landon's favorite things (please keep in mind these are just things, he has a lot of favorite people as well, but we'll save that for a different post)

1. His Bottle. If you have seen him at all you know this is TOP of his list. This picture was taken when he was about 3 weeks old ... he was already so concerned about getting fed that he decided he would try to help. I love the way he grins right after he is fed :)
2. Singing. His current favorites are I am a Child of God (as a lullaby) and the Itsy Bitsy Spider (with If You're Happy and You Know It coming in a close third). He thinks anything with hand motions is fabulously fun.
3. Being naked. And holy adorable he is so cute when he is naked ... I love to squeeze all of his little rolls! This was right after his bath ... we were singing together when he was getting dressed.
4. The magic swing. He actually hated the one we bought him ... but he LOVES this one that Matt and Carolyn let us borrow. I love how he looks like a little old man in a recliner in it.
5. Napping. Especially in his comfy nursery chair with us. I walked in one day to find this and my heart just melted :)
6. Laying on the floor just chilling. If he can be naked while doing this ... or at least have his pants off that is an extra bonus :)
7. Lights or objects dangling above his head.
8. Rides ... this kid is a motion junkie! He loves the car, the stroller and the Baby Bjorn. Here he is in the stroller this morning.
9. Sleeping with his hands just like this:
10. His tongue.
And just because I promised a lot of pictures here are a couple I took this morning that I thought were just adorable:

We were chatting while he was in his crib ... he thinks I am quite amusing. Please note his belly :)
His "I am so STARVING I am being forced to eat my hands" look:
And just because this is adorable!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Rant and a Rave

First off my rant: Little boys' clothing! Holy cow - around here there are such limited options for little boys clothes (which is weird considering how many babies there are around here). I think it is silly that everywhere I go there are adorable clothes for baby girls but hardly anything for little boys. Do people assume that just because boys are more rambunctious that they can't also look stylish? I for one am appalled that there are really only a couple of stores that have cute clothes for boys consistently. There, I have now ranted about that and gotten it off my chest.

Now for my rave: Landon slept from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am this morning! HOLY COW! When he cried this morning I really thought it was the middle of the night, and when I looked at the clock I was shocked!! I have no idea how long we'll have to wait for that to happen again, so I had to rave about it today just in case. My fingers are crossed that this will stay a habit, but I'm not counting on it, so I had to be excited in this moment :)!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first-ever Mother's Day. Jeff and Landon made it pretty special for me. Jeff woke up with Landon the whole night before so I got to sleep! AMAZING! I'm glad they are such pals ... and co-conspirators apparently. Jeff made me a big breakfast, but claimed that everything was Landon's idea. Landon also "told" Jeff to get me flowers from him but to make sure to get a bouquet that was "just his size." Don't worry ... Jeff is very good at following instructions :).

Case in point (Landon still has a hard time looking at the camera):
Then we went to dinner at my parents house and Jeff and my dad made us dinner. It was delicious. Jeff and I topped the evening off by watching The Young Victoria, which I love ... but is generally the type of movie Jeff avoids at all costs :)!

I appreciate them making the day so special ... I love them both so much!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday ... and I have been meaning to write many a charming, witty and interesting blog post this week. Okay, maybe like one. But still ... here we are and now I can't think of any of the things I meant to write. So here are some random thoughts for a Thursday evening.

**I just finished reading "Tuesdays with Morrie." It was really good. And it made me think about life. How do I live my days? I think that we (meaning Jeff and I... and most people who read my blog) are in a phase of life where we don't think we do. There are jobs to go to and money that needs to be made, bills to pay, children to raise ... life to accomplish. How often to we sit back and really think "if today were my last day what would I do." I'm guilty. I get going so fast I don't think about living and really taking in the things that matter and forgetting the stuff that just doesn't.

**I have decided that baby socks were a bad invention. I understand they keep adorably tiny toes warm, but can anyone actually keep them on those tiny toes? I can't. If you can, I salute you. In our house we just boycott them as much as we can.

**Landon squeaks when he sleeps sometimes. It's the cutest little personality quirk. However, someone pointed out it might not be healthy. I had it checked out today. Totally fine ... he should outgrow it at about 9 months. So now we can all just sit back and enjoy it's cuteness. However, I'm pretty sure our pediatrician is the nicest person ever ... he hasn't told me I am crazy for the million times I have called or seen him in the last 7 weeks. Bless him for understanding a new mom's paranoia.

**I am grateful for friends who look out for me enough to tell me things might not be normal ... you have to really love someone to tell them something that could be hard.

**I think that if it looks like spring out it should be warm. But if it can't be I am grateful for the sunshine.

**Who thought of putting that cool line on Pampers? It tells you when your child's diaper is wet by changing colors. Now, I'm not sure why you need it ... when the diaper is wet it is pretty obvious, but the line is cool nonetheless. And I need to think of something brilliant like that.

**The weekend is almost here. Even though I am not working right now, I still look forward to the weekend SO much. It means Jeff is with us all the time!

**I need to go grocery shopping. I have been putting this off for days now. Dinner time is starting to get interesting ... luckily Jeff has some creative ideas. I just HATE grocery shopping, but we are getting to the must-go stage. So I will go ... or I will sweet talk Jeff into going :)!

**Landon now weighs 12 lbs 15 oz. That is almost 13 lbs folks :)! His chubbiness is one of my many favorite things ... I could sit around a squeeze him all day. Okay, I do.

I know none of that was particularly enlightening ... but I didn't claim that it would be ... just that those are my Thursday thoughts :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blessing Day

Yesterday we blessed Landon. It was such a special day - I don't think I can put how we were both feeling into words. Landon did great - he was so calm (and quiet!) during the blessing, and such a champ all afternoon! We were lucky enough to have most of Jeff's family there - it was wonderful to see everyone, and we were really touched that despite busy schedules and the fact that it was a school night, they all made long drives to be there for us (and we know those who couldn't be were there in spirit). After the blessing we all went to my parent's house for lunch - as usual my mom made the spread look beautiful and was even tastier. We felt so loved all day!