Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Midwestern Summer Day

Today was a typical Midwestern summer day. We were invited to lunch by an old family friend. They go back so far they knew my parents before they were even married. It was fun to catch up with them. Then we went to the pool ... it was SO hot! Landon loved it ... they have a great shallow area where babies play and women sunbathe. He had a great time crawling up to them and flirting ... But then he realized I wasn't going to let him crawl his way to the really deep water (I'm a mean mom you know) ... so we finally decided to leave and have a nap.

After dinner we visited my grandma's grave (my dad's mom). I haven't been there in a long time. It was really nice to go. Landon really liked crawling around in the grass while my mom told us stories about their small town.
We finished the night off with some ice cream from a local creamery ... delicious! Landon loved it as you can see ...
After the ice cream was finished he created quite the masterpiece. We were both covered in chocolate ice cream by the end. But really, isn't that what summer is all about?
* My mom used to babysit the guy who runs the pool. She potty-trained him and his twin brother when they were 2 ... and she only made $15 a week to do it! He let her in for $1 instead of $4.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love at First Sight

Today Landon and my grandma met each other for the very first time in person. It was love at first sight!! (Don't mind Landon's expression ... he was snacking and had very full cheeks :)!)
I have been really excited for this day for a long time. My grandma and I have always been close. She is an amazing lady and one of my biggest examples. Her life hasn't been easy. But no matter what has come her way she has prevailed. And on top of that she raised four wonderful daughters (no easy feat in and of itself!) most importantly my own mom who is so much like her!

When I was born my grandma was there to help my parents adjust to being brand new parents. She often took the night shift so they could get some sleep (I had my days and nights mixed up), and has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders.

When I got married she took the train all the way from Iowa to Utah (she doesn't fly). That is a LONG ride. But she said she wouldn't miss it for the world. Love that.

When Landon was born she sent him adorable outfits and called regularly to see how we were doing, and to find out all about him. Her condo is filled with his pictures. She has loved him for forever ... and now she has met him in person!

Here is a picture of Landon playing with uncle James ... it's very cute how they play together!
And for your enjoyment a couple of Iowa-isms:

*As an appetizer at dinner we ate deep fat fried balls of creamed corn. They were actually delicious.
* When I told the lady at the front desk that I needed a crib in our room she said "I hate our crib" and acted very put out by the whole thing. And I had to pay $10 per day for it. Seriously. Customer service isn't a strong point.
* A large tractor is what was moving the Fourth of July carnival booths/rides into place. In the middle of town.

Travel Day

Once upon a time I was the sophisticated traveler. You know the type ... cool, collected and completely put together. I wore pencil skirts or slacks and high heels.

That was then.

Yesterday I probably looked like something the cat drug in. We woke up really early and left for the airport by 6. Landon did great on the first flight! He was fascinated by the process ... especially looking out the window. But he did a lot of climbing over all of us the entire flight :)!

We had a four hour layover (yes, you read that right!) in Dallas. This was actually SUPER lucky. One of my best friends - Yissel - lives 15 min. from the Dallas airport. She came and picked us up, we grabbed lunch and played with her kids and chatted at her house. It was a much needed break!! If you aren't familiar with Texas weather, though, it is killer! It was hot and so, so humid! It made me miss the desert!

I could tell Landon was getting really tired at this point. I held him and insisted he try to sleep. Luckily he did ... and it was a very quiet flight!! A much needed time out for all of us.

By the time we got off the plane, though, we were really hot and sweaty. We looked awesome :)! But we made it! We checked out the rental car (it's approximately the size of a peanut) and got the car seat put in (worst car seat EVER ... I'm totally anxious about Landon sitting in it), and got checked into the hotel (very nice and air conditioned!). Success!!

We miss Jeff. A lot. But if I can't have him with us, then I'm so glad I have his mini-me version along. Even if I look and feel a bit crazy on the plane :)! Heels weren't really that comfortable to travel in anyways :)!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Tomorrow morning bright and early Landon and I are leaving to go to Iowa with my mom and little brother. For eight days. Eight. That is a long time away from Jeff. We've never done something like it before ... the eight days or the long plane ride it involves. I know lots of women have husbands who travel a lot ... or they go on vacations with the kids a lot. But we're not really those people ... we usually go most places together (I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to that). So wish us luck. Luckily my mom and little brother will be there too ... so I'll have extra hands!

I'm really excited for Landon to meet his great-grandparents for the first time ever! And for him to get to ride a real tractor and maybe even pet a pig (Iowa is famous for pigs and corn ... I can tell you are getting more jealous of us by the minute!). And for us to get to see one of my best friends on our Dallas layover tomorrow!

Lucky for you guys I will be sure to tell you amazing tales of life in Iowa. It's as exciting as you are imagining it to be, I promise.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Professions to Ponder

Before I had Landon I would read articles where an actor/dancer/Olympic athlete's parent would say they just knew since they were a baby that they were going to turn into whatever they had become (always including a picture of them as a tot in the appropriate get-up). I ate it up ... especially when I was pregnant ... trying to picture who Landon would be and what I would be able to predict from his babyhood. Then I had him and I realized that babies have lot of interests and talents ... and as far as I can tell there really isn't a way to determine future profession. But if there were ... based on Landon's current skills here are some possibilities for his future (in no particular order).

*Olympic Swimmer - he has no fear of the water ... to the point where it is scary!
*Rescue Diver - please see above
*Dentist - he is obsessed with oral hygine. He already has an "electric" toothbrush because once he saw ours his normal one simply wasn't good enough.
*Doctor - he is very into labeling body parts. Thankfully it is mainly his eyes, ears, tummy and nose.
*Football player - He LOVES balls and I'm pretty sure he is built like a lineman. And as a bonus he already knows how to throw a football. So clearly we are on our way...
*Professional wrestler - just as his friend next door - she suffers through a lot of him practicing his moves.
*Movie Star - he loves to wave and blow kisses ... and he's pretty vain :)!
I am confident Landon can do anything he sets his mind to ... and I'll support him fully no matter what. However, if he becomes famous for one of these things, I plan to say I knew it from the time he was an infant.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Daddy,

I wanted to wish you a happy Father's Day. But since I can't type words yet (although I am really good at using the computer otherwise) mom is going to help me.

I love you because you teach me really, really cool stuff. Like how to go under water when swimming, how to throw a ball, and how to make cool noises - like the noises a snake and tiger make. I love it when we play in the park and when we go for rides in my car.
I love that you read stories with me and that you are always there to say good-night. You are the best daddy in the whole world and my best friend. I love you so much!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diamonds vs. Clorox Wipes

The famous quote is "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." And on many, many levels I agree. I love diamonds ... and they love me (I'm certain of it).

But ... on a day when they are showing our house, and I have a one-year-old who simply can't be put down no matter what exciting diversion mom has created so she can clean up the house ... I would argue that Clorox Wipes are a girl's best friend.

That was pretty much how I cleaned yesterday - Clorox wipes, a vacuum (which Landon this is the best. thing. EVER.) and air freshener. And it looks pretty darn good, I think!

So if you see my house looking very clean this week ... just know how it got there :)!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Laura gave me a great suggestion for my "bloggers block" from a week or two ago. She suggested a list of what I am looking forward to. And since I feel like summer is actually here ... here is my list!

*Hawaii and everything that comes with it! Only 7 more weeks!!
*Summer picnics and Dutch Oven
*The rest of the Parade of Homes (it started Friday ... and we LOVE it!)
*Working out with my new jogging stroller (Jeff had it delivered as a surprise on Friday!!)
*Going to Iowa to introduce Landon to my grandparents for the first time. He's going to be a huge hit ... I just know it!
*Taking Landon swimming
*Mini-vacations with friends
*Soaking up the sunshine
*Cafe Rio opening up in 4 days across the street!
*Outdoor theater productions
*Celebrating Father's Day
*Going to the upcoming family reunion ... Landon will get to play with all his cousins!
*Taking Landon to baseball games
*Hanging out on the front lawn with the neighbors
*Summer dates with Jeff ... they are always so much fun!!
*Pedicures and the fun summer shoes that show them off!!
*An end-of-summer party ...

I could go on and on, but I think that is the gist of it! What are you looking forward to this summer?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peanut Butter

Landon loves peanut butter right from the jar.

Yep ... he's totally my kid :)!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really fun Memorial Day Weekend. Friday Jeff took off so we could extend the weekend even longer :)! We decided to take Landon to the zoo. It was really fun! The Huntsman Cancer Institute was there putting sunscreen in really bright colors on the kids. Landon's looked like blue war paint. Our computer broke this weekend, so I can't load the pictures, so you'll just have to picture it :)! He loved the big animals. I kind of don't think he could tell what we were looking at with the smaller ones. The gorilla was eating when we were there and he was right behind the glass. Landon had to walk along the glass to try to catch his attention ... he loved it! He also really liked the elephants and giraffes. They have a dinosaur exhibit right now which is pretty fun for the kids too.

Then we headed over to temple square to see the statue of Christ and walk around. Landon thought that was really cool. He even folded his arms when we told him it was time to be reverent! Then he realized the the room echoed ... and that became much cooler than sitting with his arms folded ... boys :)!

That night we got to watch Merrill, on of our nephews, play in a baseball game. They were up from Kanab. A few of his siblings thought it was getting really cold out, so they came home with us. I walked downstairs after putting Landon to bed to find them all piled up with Jeff eating popcorn, drinking hot chocolate and watching Despicable Me. It was pretty cute.

Saturday we went shopping (had to hit the sales!) and then did a Dutch Oven picnic with my family. It was so much fun, and Landon got some great grandpa time in. My dad travels a lot, so their time together is very special to them both. Landon was in heaven!!

Monday night Jeff and I went out on a date ... my mom and James were nice enough to watch Landon for us!! We tried the Blue Lemon restaurant in Highland. It was SO good!! We have been wanting to try it for a while - a friend of ours manages it - but we hadn't made it until this weekend. Delicious! They put a really unique spin on their dishes. And they have amazing dessert!! We definitely recommend it. Then we finished the date off with a stop at Barnes and Noble. I could probably live in a book store and be happy. Seriously.