Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Turning Six Cardinals Style

Landon is six. SIX! Every year I say the same thing ... I can't believe how old he's getting! Landon is such a great kid. He's smart (reading far above his grade, picks up things quickly, etc.), funny, dedicated and so stinking cute. We are so lucky to have him in our family. 

Watching kids grow up is hard (why can't they stay little?!) but also so much fun. Most Fridays I volunteer in his class. I love watching what he does in class and seeing him interact with his friends. I have also been subbing in Primary lately and I love watching him from behind the piano. He tries so hard to be reverent and raises his hand for everything from giving answers to volunteering. He loves to be a helper and he's often doing his "big brother" role of picking up more than his share of the toys, taking charge, and being a great example to Liam (I love watching them together). 

Landon is just a good kid at heart. And as he gets older we get to see glimpses of the man he will become. I love that we can already share jokes and find the same things funny. And I love how compassionate he is. And Jeff LOVES that he is so into football right now! It's hilarious to see how dedicated he is - he can't wait to play, wears his jersey constantly, plays it on Madden any chance he's allowed, and is constantly challenging everyone to a game of football.  

Turning six is a big deal - and we love birthdays! I took treats to his class along with grandma and James, then we went out to lunch. When Jeff got home we opened presents and had pizza. And watched Star Wars (one of his birthday presents). He was so excited ... and clapped at the end. So cute!!

For his birthday party we decided we needed to have a football training camp. His favorite team is the Cardinals ... so we had a "Football Training Camp" party. It was so fun, and hilarious to watch the kiddos do "warm ups," play games and have pizza and root beer. Our "Mr. Social" had a pretty long guest list, but its great to see him have good friends and see them play together so well. 

We love you Landon! Thank you for being part of our family! (And Go Cardinals!!)