Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Raining CATS!!

First, please allow me a disclaimer. I'm not a cat person. In fact, that's a gross understatement. I'm really, really, really NOT a cat person. They are fine animals. Just not around me. If you like them, I'm very happy for you. But allow me not to.

Please keep the above statement in mind while I share...

We have two cats (TWO people) who have decided that our new home is their second home. TWO. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the people who previously lived here were cat people. I have suspicions these cats were fed here ... why else would they be so interested in my back door? Where they sit and 'meow' constantly?

Landon, however, feels VERY differently about the cats. He is in heaven! He is constantly outside playing with them (poor kitties ... he's a bit enthusiastic), looking for them (he often invites me to "come look for kitties, mom!" and I'll confess his "here kitty!" is a LOT more enthusiastic than mine), and crawling underneath things to retrieve them from their hiding places.

You would think that a few days of this enthusiasm would have broken them of their lurking.

It hasn't.

And the worst part? When I heard Landon shout (I was upstairs) "Oh NO! Kitty in my HOUSE!!!" Which prompted my pregnant self to run down the stairs. And then in to the basement (where the kitty retreated to) to get it outside again.

This has happened more than once. 

On the upshot it is good (much needed) exercise. And I guess if I am really, really searching for a silver lining ... at least Landon is happy and we have two surrogate pets that we don't have to feed.

It's hard to resist the happiness on that face...but I assure you, I have tried

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

That spells BACON!

Landon loves to name his letters - he is constantly walking around telling me what letters are on things. The other day he opened our fridge. We have a package of bacon bits (the delicious Costco kind!) and he started naming the letters. I've always joked I could probably teach him to read before he decides to potty train. So I sat down next to him and told him that those letters make a word ... and we said each letter and its sound together. Then I had him put them together to make "bacon."

He was pretty excited and I found him later in the day with the fridge open and spelling the word bacon.

Fast forward to yesterday. We were eating lunch at the Creamery with Grandma. Looking out the window there is a Subway right across the street. Well, Subway is written in all capitals (his specialty) and he said,

"S-U-B-W-A-Y ... that spells BACON!!!"

He was so thrilled with himself and his discovery I could only laugh and didn't have the heart to tell him that not every word spells bacon :)!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Up until this point I have either been too busy, too overwhelmed, or too "something" to write about our move. Then tonight I went to book club. It felt so good to feel like I belonged again ... it opened the flood gates, and now I have to share, or I feel like I will burst.

We were amazed and overwhelmed by the amount of support we received during the move - people came out of the woodwork to help move boxes, unpack boxes, watch Landon, etc. We felt so blessed - we can't stop talking about it (and if you haven't gotten your thank you note yet, it is because I'm a little behind ... but it is on its way I promise!).

We've started to settle in and are pretty much unpacked (decorating is a completely different story though ... that has barely been started!). But you know what? It still doesn't feel like home.

Please don't misinterpret this as complaining, or being ungrateful for the wonderful blessings in our lives. It's simply how I feel still. A house becomes a home because of the love and memories it shares with you. The things you go through together...

And right now? My heart is still in Spanish Fork. Where complete strangers now occupy our town home.

Where we really learned how to be a married couple and put our heart and soul into making a place feel like home.
Where we brought Landon home from the hospital.
Where we learned to become parents.
Where so many of our friends lived just a shout away.

And all that? It takes time ...

The inevitable "how is your ward" question came up tonight. And you know what? It's fine. And I'm sure in a few months or years we'll look back on this time and laugh because we have made good friends. But right now, they seem nice, but distant. With older children and no one who ever seems to be outside. And people who don't think to sit next to you in relief society, even though you are all by yourself.

And Landon has started to ask about his friends. That's the hardest part for us.

Tonight, after book club, when I felt like my heart would break because they were all headed to one place and I was headed somewhere completely different I called Jeff. He and Landon were outside tonight to get the mail. They started talking to a neighbor, who has a little boy a few years older than Landon. Jeff tried helping them talk a bit and the little boy wasn't very welcoming. I'm not judging him - he is five for heaven's sake and Landon is only two - I can see why he wasn't jumping at the chance to play together. But my mommy-heart just broke, and I couldn't help but think of all his friends in Spanish Fork - some of which are that much older and still included him (which I think says a lot about them and their moms :)!) I'll confess ... I cried most of the way home - because of that story, and because, honestly, I missed the friends I was driving away from desperately.

Now before I sound too down, please let me say - we love our new house, and I'm sure as soon as we've made more memories and friends it will truly feel like home (and Jeff is home 45 minutes earlier every night!!). It's just the growing pains of moving. And I'm not very good with change, so thank you for letting me unload.

And I had a good friend point out it's also about what we can give to our neighborhood, too, which was a good reminder to get out there. So we're going to make cookies in the next few days and take them around to introduce ourselves. And I'm certain we'll make some friends. I just have to remind myself that real friends aren't made overnight- but like a home are created one memory at a time.

And until then there might be a few more tears shed and a few more growing pains, and hopefully a schedule that has settled down enough to have more play dates (with our already-made friends :)!) for all of us!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Seventh Anniversary!

Seven years ago today we got hitched ... and what a great decision that was! We've had our ups and downs along the way, but I can honestly say we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Jeff still makes me smile and laugh every day. And there is no one I would rather work through life's stress with than him (and there has be enough of that to go around lately with the move!!).

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Case in point:
He took me to a Carpenter's Tribute concert
and always plans fun dates for us to get in alone time.
He is a hero to our little boy! (And he will happily ride
an itty-bitty train with him through the mall!)
He picks out and surprises me with
beautiful flowers!

Love you babe!! Here's to another great year!