Thursday, July 31, 2014

Liam is 18 Months!

Every time I blog I swear that THIS time will be different. THIS time I will blog again in just a few days. And yet ... here we are again. Next time I'll be better.

In the mean time we have had a LOT going on around here. I'm going to skip our vacation to California completely for a bit and instead focus on our sweet Liam. Who is now 18 months old. WHAT?! How did that happen?

I just love that little face!
He lights up our whole house - we just love him to pieces. He's sweet, quite funny and has lots of spunk. You have to with an older brother who likes to wrestle. 

He loves being the center of attention ...
unless he's causing mischief,
then he'd prefer we look the other way!
He FINALLY took a few steps just after the 18 month mark. He's very happy to walk holding hands, but won't do more than a couple of steps on his own. It's coming though :)!

Talking is another matter. He is hilarious and really articulate for his age! Some of our favorites:

*Thank you (people are always surprised at his very clear, and very polite expression of gratitude)
*"K" (He loves to use this when we've finally figured out what he needs and this tells us we got it right)
*When he "sings" Popcorn Popping or Happy and You Know It
*Pirate (no joke, cutest thing ever). He also loves the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song and will sing along.
*Fut nack (Fruit Snack)
*Wuv ooo (Love you)
*Kaeee (Kailee), Husson (Hudson), Memy (Emery) and Doo (Drew) - All his little friends
*Bemple (Temple), Pair (Prayer) and Jesus
*Fork, truck and shark ... naughty, I know, but sometimes an accidental swear word is just funny
*He also makes a LOT of animal noises. He's quite prolific at them :)!

We also love that he calls Landon (which he tries to say, but hasn't really gotten down yet) "bruder." The other day Landon did something to tick Liam off (as he's wont to do from time to time). And Liam came crawling up the stairs to "tattle" on Landon hollering "BRUDER! BRUDER!" while pointing down the stairs with all the righteous indignation his little self could muster. I tried really hard not to but I laughed. It was too cute!
Brothers are the best superheros ...

Liam LOVES to be outside and he's fearless! There isn't any slide to fast, or water too deep that he isn't confident he can't handle just fine on his own (scary!!). He loves books and will let you read to him endlessly. He loves to play with the big kids, his most recent favorites are playing Pirates and trains. 
Us and our baby!!
He has his spunky moments as well ... he's VERY opinionated. Really, really wants his own way (and has already tried out throwing fits), and has been known to bite if something is in his way. He's a great eater - we are very concerned about our future grocery bills. Here he is eating off of all four kids' plates at the dinner table that night! 

No signs of stopping!
He also has the sweetest side to him too. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He sucks his left thumb, and his lovey is a blanket he has dubbed his "night-night." We love him so much and are so glad he's part of our family!!